Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gifts for Dad {2014}

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Father's Day is coming up in a few weeks (June 15th) and it's time to start thinking of what you should get your Pops.  You don't want to give a boring gift, but you also don't want to spend too much money- so, once again, TSS is here to the rescue!

For the Dad that Loves his TV Shows & Movies
Try getting him the new Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV!  They're both very affordable and mobile so your dad can take it basically anywhere.  He will be able to watch his TV shows and movies from Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Movies so he can download the newest movie right away!  Pretty cool, right?

For the Classic Dad
The one type of sunglasses that looks good on practically everyone and anyone, it would definitely have to be the Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarer.  Sunglasses can be tough to buy for someone else, but with the tortoise Wayfarers, you can't go wrong!  

For the Bearded Dad
Who knew having a beard can cause dry and itchy skin?  For all of the dad's that have a beard, you can't go wrong with getting him a good beard oil.  The Blackbird beard oil is the newest "coolest" beard oil that is slightly scented with cedar and made with all-natural argan oil.  

For the Golf Loving Dad
The Swingbyte is the perfect gift for the techy dad that loves golf.  The Swingbyte clips onto the golf club that syncs with the Swingbyte app to analyze your swing in realtime!  It records the swing via bluetooth and gives you full online analytics so your dad can improve his golf skills!

For the Dad that Loves to Grill
The Grillbot is exactly what it sounds like- it's a robot for your grill.  Don't make your dad do all the hard work of cleaning the grill after he just made everyone a delicious meal!  Just get him a Grillbot that will automatically clean the grill for him! 

For the Outdoorsy Dad
If your dad loves to go to the lake or the ocean the SWIMS loafers are the best shoes you can get your Pops!  These are the perfect waterproof loafers that your dad can wear practically everywhere and anywhere and still stay stylish, of course.

For the Frequently-Traveling Dad
You can never go wrong with a good traveling bag.  The Filson travel kit is the perfect little bag for your dad to carry and protect all of his important items.  Whether it's his passport or his toiletries, it's the perfect classic bag that your dad can use all the time!

What are some of your other Father's Day gift ideas??

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