Friday, May 30, 2014

#Ready2Roo with Teva

*This is a Sponsored post written by The Sorority Secrets on behalf of Teva for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% ours.

In February we shared with you the  Ultimate Music Festival Outfit Guide, but we left out one other important ensemble piece: Teva footwear!
Teva sells all sorts of footwear from sandals, to flip flops, to boots and much more for both men and women. Since 1984, Teva has been a brand for the go anywhere, do anything, "live life for the unscripted moments that make the best memories" type of person. Their brand is fit for those people who like to get out and have adventures. We love how versatile the styles are and how you can virtually cover and secure your entire foot, which is awesome for festivals since you're walking around a lot (and dancing of course!).

Speaking of festivals, Teva is the official footwear of the Bonnaroo Music Festival! We are seriously considering attending the festival this year, and if we do, we would rock the  Original Sandal  in a hot, bright color. We would even sport the Capri Wedge because it is super cute and stylish but still offers support. 

Really, when it comes to festivals it's just all about these three important things:
  1. Staying comfortable
  2. Drinking lots of water
  3. Snapping pictures to capture the memories
It sounds like Teva can help with the "staying comfortable" part! What are your tips and tricks for festivalgoers? As an official sponsor of the Bonnaroo Music Festival, Teva is looking to help festivalgoers make the most of their time on The Farm by collecting tips and tricks from festival veterans. Whether it’s a tip to make sure you check out ‘The Jesus Tent’, to using an emergency blanket to keep your tent cool during the day, there are things that festivalgoers know that others could benefit from. These tips and tricks are being aggregated on Bonnaroo’s The Fountain, where people can go to get prepped for the experience of a lifetime. Share your tips below and be sure to hashtag it #Ready2Roo. While you're prepping for this festival and other festivals coming up, keep in mind that you can easily buy Teva sandals straight from Zappos
Summer festivals here we come!

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