Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How To Order Healthy When Dining Out

It's day five of your diet and you are finally realizing that you have been doing a great job with your cleanse/diet because you have been HIDING OUT. Yeah, YOU! In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is not healthy (or realistic) to stay at home in order to avoid that juicy McDonald's burger or tasty Wendy's french fries. It's okay to eat out with your friends or family; you just need to know how to pick the right things on the menu. Here are some healthy eats and tips that you can use that won't sabotage your diet:

Every menu has a salad option so instead of that juicy, 3,000+ calorie burger, opt for a decent salad. If a plain salad seems too light include some protein with your salad by asking your server to add some grilled chicken or even salmon. Include light dressing and vegetable toppings and you will surely be feeling both satisfied and guilt-free.

Is that loaf of bread and butter really needed before your meal? Often times when food is placed in front of us, we have the tendency to munch on it. Bread can be carb overkill so politely ask your server to remove the bread and butter from the table. If you really can't help yourself, munching on the wheat bread as opposed to the French bread is a healthier option.

Rice, bread, and pasta is major carb overkill. Greens and lean proteins like grilled chicken, fish, shrimp, and calamari are your friend!

While sodas, juices, and adult beverages might wash your food down better (we're not so sure it makes a difference haha) it sure does add a lot of calories to your meal. Water is your best friend when dining out--you can do no wrong gulping it down. If you're looking for an extra punch of flavor, ask to add a lemon, lime, or strawberry to your water.

If it is becoming difficult to sift through the menu, ask the server for the separate healthy menu if they have one. If not, ask the server to list the food choices that are the healthiest. There are also lots of apps out there that can count the calories in food for you so you can make a better decision on what you would like to eat.

Any way you slice it, having a healthy attitude towards food is what's most important.  If you're craving something like pizza, it's totally okay to indulge once in a while.  Everything in moderation is key!

Happy {healthy} eating!

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