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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Preserve Your Smartphone's Battery

Oh the dreaded red zone warning. Meaning, your lifeline, your support system, your connection to the world aka Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, are about to get cut off unless you recharge your battery! Every phone whether it's an iOS or Android has its issues with battery life, but there are ways to preserve and stretch your battery. Here are some ways we have learned to keep our batteries green for a little longer:
  1. Invest in a Mophie . Having a Mophie has been life changing for Karen since she is constantly on her phone. Karen got her hands on the Mophie and it keeps her phone charging way past when her actual iPhone dies. The Mophie is a battery pack that you slide onto your phone and it charges your phone from its own charge. Seriously UH-MAZING!
  2. Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode. 
  3. Lower the Brightness Of Your Screen. Your phone uses a lot of battery life keeping the screen bright, therefore, lowering the brightness will preserve the battery life more.
  4. Use Wifi. It uses less power than a cellular connection
  5. Close Inactive Apps. If you're not using an app but have it open, it is running your battery. Make a conscious effort to close out of apps after you're done using it.
  6. Update Your Phone. Whenever there are new updates for your phone, pay attention to whether or not it will help with battery life. When it comes to the iPhone, according to the Apple site iOS 8 is designed to be the most battery-efficient iOS ever. It gives you more precise ways to manage your device’s battery life because you can see the proportion of your battery used by each app (unless the device is charging). To view your usage, go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage.
What tips & tricks do you have for saving your smartphone's battery life? Share with us in the comments below!

Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Apply Lipstick Like A Pro

We love wearing fun lipstick colors!  At first, it can be tricky to apply... how do you use lip liner?!  How do you get it to last longer?  We answer all of these questions, so you can have a pretty pout in no time.

1.  Start with clean, hydrated lips.  If you're wearing a dark color, exfoliate gently with a toothbrush before getting started.  Add a light coat of chapstick or face lotion to moisturize.

2.  Next, apply primer.  We actually like using MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, which can be used as an eyeshadow primer as well!  This will serve as a base to help that lipstick stay put.  It will look lighter than your natural lip color, but not to worry-- we're adding the color back in!

3.  Start lining your lips at the cupid's bow... the little dip at the top center of your lip line.  You can draw the pencil in the shape of an "X" so it gets the lines at the cupid's bow in a straight line, as seen in picture number 3.

4.  Now, line the entire lip shape!  You can go slightly outside the natural lip line if desired for a fuller lip effect.  Be careful to not go too far outside the natural lip line, as you want your lip shape to still appear well-- natural!  We used MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Staunchly Stylish.  We love how versatile this color is, and the long lasting effects of this lip pencil formula!

5.  After you've lined your lips, apply lipstick.  Start by dabbing on, covering the areas lined by the pencil so it all blends together.  For more precision (especially helpful when wearing bold or darker lipstick hues) use a lip brush instead of applying it straight from the tube.  We used MAC Lipstick in Twig.  It's a great neutral shade for fall!

6.  Once the lipstick is applied, blot your lips together.  No need to "mash" them from side to side, simply blot by pressing them together.

7.  Now, your lipstick is almost ready to go!  But, we have a final step for extra long wear...

8.  As the last step, apply a sheer layer of translucent powder.  We used MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Powder, which is a favorite product of ours that can be used on the rest of the face as well!  Use a fluffy brush (like this one by e.l.f.) to lightly dust a tiny bit of powder on top of the lipstick.  For a skilled hand, this can be done directly on the lips.  If you want to practice first (or if you have a heavy hand) use a 1-ply tissue instead of applying directly to the lips.  Hold the tissue up to your lips, and dust the powder on top of the tissue.  Adding the powder will add a slight matte finish to the look as well.

9.  Smile, you're done!  Your lipstick will be ready to go, and ready to take on the day with your pretty painted lips!  If you're wearing a darker hue, stick your pointer finger in your pursed lips, and pull your finger out.  This will help to remove any lipstick residue inside the lips, which can end up on your teeth... and nobody wants lipstick on their teeth!

10.  Kisses.

Enjoy your long lasting lipstick!  What are some of your favorite tips for applying lipstick?  Share with us below!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Recruitment Conversation All-Star Tips

{photo credit: ASU Delta Gamma}

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Nope, not the holidays... recruitment!  That's right, Bid Day and meeting the new additions to your chapter are right around the corner.  But before that can happen, recruitment needs to happen first.  It's time to get dressed up, sing songs, possibly lose your voice, and spend a few long days & nights with your sisters!  In all seriousness, recruitment really is our favorite time of the school year.  And, we can't forget what's most important here... the potential new members (aka PNMs).  Yes, it can sometimes feel like friendship speed-dating.  But, you're on a mission to make a connection; you're on a mission to find your new sisters.  Keep our key tips in mind, and you'll feel like a recruitment conversation all-star in no time!

#1: Make a Connection
When talking to the PNMs, your goal is to get to know them.  Make a connection!  Find out who she is, beyond just her major and what hometown she's from.  What are her interests?  What's her group of friends like from high school or back home?  What activities or hobbies does she enjoy?  Share a laugh together, break the ice.  Let her feel invited to share more about herself with you.  Tell a personal story, and encourage her to do the same.  Get to know who she is beyond the surface.  Your warm & friendly attitude will help for both of you to feel more comfortable and natural, in a setting that can sometimes feel otherwise.

#2: Ask Thoughtful Questions
Ask open-ended questions.  The PNM's replies should require more than simply a "yes" or "no" answer.  Take that question, and roll with it!  Lead it into a conversation.  Talk to her like a friend, where you each share your thoughts.  Nobody likes to have questions fired at them (which feels more like an interview) so talk about each topic a little before moving on to the next.  If you can tell she's not enthusiastic about the topic at hand, be prepared to lead into something else.  Find common ground.  Don't focus on "selling" your sorority too much; focus more on getting to know her.

#3: Topics, Topics, Topics
Okay, you're meeting a girl you have never met before, and you have to talk to her for anywhere from 5-20 minutes straight.  Piece of cake!  Have an idea of what you want to talk about, and where to take the conversation if it needs some help.  You want to have the best conversation possible with each PNM, to get to know her without the little factors (like feeling nervous) getting in the way.  Since you've been through recruitment before, you be the pro & guide her.  Here are a few favorite topics:

  • Ask her where she's from.  Lead it into a conversation about where she's traveled to, or any other places she has lived over the years.
  • Ask her how recruitment is going, how she's liking it so far.  What made her want to join a sorority?  You can share how you felt going through recruitment (keep it positive & neutral), and why you wanted to join a sorority.
  • What made her want to come to your university?
  • Is she living in a dorm?  An apartment?  Does she have a roommate?  Ask her how she likes it.  If you lived in a similar dorm or apartment, you can share about it too.  If the topic goes well, you can ask her how she decorated it!
  • What are her friends like back home, or from before coming to college?  This can lead into talking about how your organization can provide great friendships.  Make it personal-- mention the friendships you have made, and what they mean to you.  And in general, friends are a safer topic than family.  
  • Did she play any sports or do any activities in high school?  Talk about it.  For example, if she played volleyball & your chapter has an intramural team, she would probably love to know!
  • A sincere compliment on something she's wearing is great when you truly mean it.  Be mindful to not talk about shopping/clothes for too long, and lead into another topic that will help you get to know each other in a more meaningful way.  
  • A good icebreaker: favorite places to eat around campus.  
  • The "what's your major?" question is bound to happen, but try to not rely on it too much (especially after the first day of recruitment, she's been asked many times by then).  Your topics should be a well-rounded balance of school, fun, and friends.  After all, your organization is well-rounded too!
  • Partying, guys, bad words, etc... avoid them, as you probably already know!  Gracefully change the topic if it gets brought up.  There is so much more to friendship & sisterhood other than these topics, and that's what you're trying to get to know about her in a short amount of time.
  • Is the PNM funny & quirky, and you're funny & quirky?  By all means, be yourself!  Keep the conversation appropriate, and you're golden.

#4: Find A Happy Medium
Recruitment conversation is all about balancing happy mediums.  Talk about her, talk about you/your organization, laugh together, get sentimental together.  In other words, don't make it all about you or take yourself too seriously.  Stay away from the negative, focus on the positive.  Yes, complaining that your feet hurt counts as negative; be present in the moment of your conversation, instead of worrying about your feet.  Have fun and be natural, and follow your chapter's guidelines as well.  Find a balance, like the conversational flow between two friends, which brings us to our next tip...

#5: Be Friends
Once you break the ice, treat the conversation as you would with an old friend.  Give the PNM your genuine undivided attention.  Let the topics flow easily.  Be authentic.  Connect with good eye contact.  This will help both of you to be your true selves, and will also help both of you decide if your chapter is her home sweet home.

#6: Be Kind
No matter what, there's one rule of thumb-- be kind.  Be polite, be respectful, be gracious.  Treat each PNM you meet with genuine kindness, and you're already an all-star.  Great conversations make you & your house stand out, and leave a positive lasting impression for everyone!

Sure, recruitment can be stressful at times.  But more than anything, remember how much fun it is too!  It's an honor to recruit the new members that will carry on your chapter's legacy long after your graduation.  Enjoy the little moments, and each conversation.  You'll be celebrating with your new members at Bid Day before you know it!

(p.s. don't forget to check out our Master List of Bid Day Themes!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How To Order Healthy When Dining Out

It's day five of your diet and you are finally realizing that you have been doing a great job with your cleanse/diet because you have been HIDING OUT. Yeah, YOU! In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is not healthy (or realistic) to stay at home in order to avoid that juicy McDonald's burger or tasty Wendy's french fries. It's okay to eat out with your friends or family; you just need to know how to pick the right things on the menu. Here are some healthy eats and tips that you can use that won't sabotage your diet:

Every menu has a salad option so instead of that juicy, 3,000+ calorie burger, opt for a decent salad. If a plain salad seems too light include some protein with your salad by asking your server to add some grilled chicken or even salmon. Include light dressing and vegetable toppings and you will surely be feeling both satisfied and guilt-free.

Is that loaf of bread and butter really needed before your meal? Often times when food is placed in front of us, we have the tendency to munch on it. Bread can be carb overkill so politely ask your server to remove the bread and butter from the table. If you really can't help yourself, munching on the wheat bread as opposed to the French bread is a healthier option.

Rice, bread, and pasta is major carb overkill. Greens and lean proteins like grilled chicken, fish, shrimp, and calamari are your friend!

While sodas, juices, and adult beverages might wash your food down better (we're not so sure it makes a difference haha) it sure does add a lot of calories to your meal. Water is your best friend when dining out--you can do no wrong gulping it down. If you're looking for an extra punch of flavor, ask to add a lemon, lime, or strawberry to your water.

If it is becoming difficult to sift through the menu, ask the server for the separate healthy menu if they have one. If not, ask the server to list the food choices that are the healthiest. There are also lots of apps out there that can count the calories in food for you so you can make a better decision on what you would like to eat.

Any way you slice it, having a healthy attitude towards food is what's most important.  If you're craving something like pizza, it's totally okay to indulge once in a while.  Everything in moderation is key!

Happy {healthy} eating!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Ways to Have a Happier Day!

In the middle of a busy day, it's important to take time to do the little things that make you happy.  We're all for adding some extra happiness into every day!  So, how do you have a happier day?  Check out our top 5 ways to have an extra dose of joy!

1. Instagram.  Share a fun part of your day with your friends!  From a picture of your pet, a cute outfit you're sporting, or your delicious breakfast, there are tons of ways to create a photo opp!  Get creative with a photo filter, or one of the many cool photo apps out there that you're been excited to try.  One of our current favorite apps?  Try out A Beautiful Mess!

2. 10 minutes of exercise.  Go for a walk around your neighborhood, do some yoga stretches, or do a few reps of your favorite exercise- squats anyone?  Charge up those endorphins for some instant happiness!

3. Lunch with a friend.  Taking a little time out of your day to share some laughs with a friend is a sure way to feel happy!  No time for lunch?  Grab coffee at your favorite local coffee house with a friend, or give her a call on the phone to say hi.

4. Pinterest.  Add a little happy inspiration to your day by hopping on Pinterest!  Looking at beautiful photos will add some relaxation time, and a nice little break.  We also love finding motivational quotes on Pinterest.  Check out our Pinterest page for lots of happy inspiration!

5. Give yourself a fresh mani.  Treat yourself to a dose of pretty, and try out a new nail color!  A little bit of pampering will make you feel good, and we always love the look of shiny fresh nails.  Check out the Summer Collection by Essie for some gorgeous new colors!  Hey, you can always Instagram that fresh mani while you're at it.

We hope everyone is having a happy Wednesday!
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