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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bye, Bye Makeup

Even though we have been doing makeup for ever, we can honestly say that we have no idea when it's time to let go of our favorite makeup products. Is it just us or do you just love your makeup so much that you want to hold onto it forever?! Well, holding onto old makeup forever is no bueno so it's time to tell that makeup "bye, bye"!'s a little sorority secret: if you want to know when to throw away any of your makeup, be sure to hold onto the original box you got it from. Why? At the back or bottom of the box there is an area that says a number and then months. That is an indication of how long you should hold onto your makeup before it's no good! We know, mind blown!

Save the makeup expiration guide that we personally created above just for you so you never have old makeup in your makeup bag, ever!

Monday, November 3, 2014

4 Makeup Artists To Follow On Instagram

Contouring, highlighting, glowing, "giving face". These are all amazing makeup tips we have learned from some of our favorite makeup artists (otherwise referred to as "MUA"). Instagram has always been our go-to when it comes to makeup trends and we often use it as a source to mirror some pretty amazing looks. We're sure all of you have that one Instagram page you check on the daily for beautiful makeup looks and inspiration and we do too. Check out our 4 "must-follow" makeup Instagram pages. Do you have a favorite Makeup Artist that we should check out on Instagram? Share with us in the comments!

  1. Patrick Ta (@patrickta) #makeupbypatrickta
  2. Angel Merino (@mac_daddyy)
  3. Karen Sarahii (@iluvsarahii)
  4. Haley Buckner (@haleybuckner)
Bonus: We are absolutely in love with the lip products from Dose of Colors (@doseofcolors). The lip products are vegan and cruelty free which is pretty awesome. The colors are rich, vibrant and super affordable. The colors are such a hot commodity that they get sold out quick, so that's why you've got to snag them quick. We especially love the Dose of Colors Instagram page because they often feature makeup artists and different people wearing their beautiful lip products. It gives us access to other makeup artists to follow while at the same time giving us an idea of how the Dose of Colors lip products look on different women---love, love, LOVE!

Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Apply Lipstick Like A Pro

We love wearing fun lipstick colors!  At first, it can be tricky to apply... how do you use lip liner?!  How do you get it to last longer?  We answer all of these questions, so you can have a pretty pout in no time.

1.  Start with clean, hydrated lips.  If you're wearing a dark color, exfoliate gently with a toothbrush before getting started.  Add a light coat of chapstick or face lotion to moisturize.

2.  Next, apply primer.  We actually like using MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly, which can be used as an eyeshadow primer as well!  This will serve as a base to help that lipstick stay put.  It will look lighter than your natural lip color, but not to worry-- we're adding the color back in!

3.  Start lining your lips at the cupid's bow... the little dip at the top center of your lip line.  You can draw the pencil in the shape of an "X" so it gets the lines at the cupid's bow in a straight line, as seen in picture number 3.

4.  Now, line the entire lip shape!  You can go slightly outside the natural lip line if desired for a fuller lip effect.  Be careful to not go too far outside the natural lip line, as you want your lip shape to still appear well-- natural!  We used MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in Staunchly Stylish.  We love how versatile this color is, and the long lasting effects of this lip pencil formula!

5.  After you've lined your lips, apply lipstick.  Start by dabbing on, covering the areas lined by the pencil so it all blends together.  For more precision (especially helpful when wearing bold or darker lipstick hues) use a lip brush instead of applying it straight from the tube.  We used MAC Lipstick in Twig.  It's a great neutral shade for fall!

6.  Once the lipstick is applied, blot your lips together.  No need to "mash" them from side to side, simply blot by pressing them together.

7.  Now, your lipstick is almost ready to go!  But, we have a final step for extra long wear...

8.  As the last step, apply a sheer layer of translucent powder.  We used MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Powder, which is a favorite product of ours that can be used on the rest of the face as well!  Use a fluffy brush (like this one by e.l.f.) to lightly dust a tiny bit of powder on top of the lipstick.  For a skilled hand, this can be done directly on the lips.  If you want to practice first (or if you have a heavy hand) use a 1-ply tissue instead of applying directly to the lips.  Hold the tissue up to your lips, and dust the powder on top of the tissue.  Adding the powder will add a slight matte finish to the look as well.

9.  Smile, you're done!  Your lipstick will be ready to go, and ready to take on the day with your pretty painted lips!  If you're wearing a darker hue, stick your pointer finger in your pursed lips, and pull your finger out.  This will help to remove any lipstick residue inside the lips, which can end up on your teeth... and nobody wants lipstick on their teeth!

10.  Kisses.

Enjoy your long lasting lipstick!  What are some of your favorite tips for applying lipstick?  Share with us below!
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