Thursday, October 15, 2015

Bye, Bye Makeup

Even though we have been doing makeup for ever, we can honestly say that we have no idea when it's time to let go of our favorite makeup products. Is it just us or do you just love your makeup so much that you want to hold onto it forever?! Well, holding onto old makeup forever is no bueno so it's time to tell that makeup "bye, bye"!'s a little sorority secret: if you want to know when to throw away any of your makeup, be sure to hold onto the original box you got it from. Why? At the back or bottom of the box there is an area that says a number and then months. That is an indication of how long you should hold onto your makeup before it's no good! We know, mind blown!

Save the makeup expiration guide that we personally created above just for you so you never have old makeup in your makeup bag, ever!


  1. Most makeup keeps the expiration on the actual tube/jar/etc as well. There's a little jar logo with the lid floating above, that has 6M (or whatever) in the jar.

    1. Thanks for sharing that valuable info, Anonymous! Xo


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