Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Clip-In Hair Extension Secrets

Not all of us were blessed with long, luscious locks like Co Founder, Sakura {haha} so thank goodness for hair extensions! We are huge fans of clip-in hair extensions because they give the luxury of adding temporary length to your hair. Clip-in hair extensions were a huge hit in our college days and we found ourselves sharing with our sisters how to rock them best. It doesn't matter what type of hair you have (coarse, thin, short, layered) you can rock clip-in hair extensions like the best of us. Here are some clip-in hair secrets:

1. Consider the length of your hair curled.
  • The sound of 16" or 18" hair may sound like you're getting Rapunzel hair, but don't let that fool you. If you're like us and you appreciate curling your hair often, curling your hair takes away a few inches. Therefore, 18" hair is technically not 18" in length when it is curled.
2.  Use cheap clip-ins as your LAST RESORT.
  • Investing in good clip-ins is a great benefit to you as you can keep reusing the hair. When it comes to hair, you honestly get what you paid for. Cheap clip-ins from places like Sally's Beauty Supply aren't too bad if you keep in mind that they need to be maintained more and replaced more often.
3.  Stay away from synthetic hair.
  • Synthetic hair is cheaper quality and DOES NOT curl (watch this video to see how this girl learned that the hard way!). If you absolutely can only afford synthetic hair, then when washing your synthetic extensions, consider using Woolite and fabric softener to keep the texture of the hair looking fresh.
4. Seal the wefts with a weft sealer to minimize shedding.
  • All hair extensions have wefts where the hair comes out of. Hair extension are infamous for shedding, and while you cannot totally stop shedding, you can minimize it by sealing your wefts with a weft sealer before place the hair extensions into your hair. You can buy weft sealers at any beauty supply store or on most online beauty shops.
5. Consider layering by buying varying lengths of hair.
  • Most clip-in hair extensions come in bags with varying lengths, however, if you're opting to make your own clip-in hair extensions, consider buying hair in various lengths. Various lengths will make your hair appear more cohesive.
Tip from Dirty Looks Hair: Have your clip-ins layered and shaped starting from the shortest pieces of your own hair. This will hide disconnection and create a natural shape around the face. Fitting the front clip-ins on an angle will create a more "feathered" shape around the face.

6. If you can't find your perfect color match, get your clip-in hair dyed.
  • As much as the hair companies try to accommodate all colors of hair, sometimes you're just not going to find the perfect match. No need to fret; simply dye your fake locks! Dying them yourself at home is cost effective, however, we know many hairstylists who are willing to dye your clip-in hair for you. Consider this option as they might turn out more professional this route. It's even smart to have them dyed while you're getting your real hair shampooed and/or cut--killing two hairs with one stone!
So the burning question: Where do we buy our clip-in hair extensions?! Below are a list of our favorites!

Bella Dream Hair (*not clip-ins, but you can make clip ins with their hair)
Luxy Hair

Have a secret tip to share about clip-in hair extensions? Share with us below!


  1. I LOVE my Luxy Hair extensions! I definitely agree with all of these tips. I would say definitely do your research on extension care too because caring for them is so crucial especially if you invest a big chunk of money on them.

    xo Madeleine www.smalltownrootsandcowboyboots.com

    1. We couldn't agree more, Madeleine! Thanks for sharing. Xo

  2. #5 is totally a great tip in using hair extensions. That way you can experiment more on hairstyles and wouldn’t be confined with long shapeless hair.

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  5. I ADORE my LUXY!!!!! I cannot stop thinking about wearing them! obsessed!!!

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