Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Art of Entrepreneurship

There is an art to being your own boss. As young entrepreneurs, we have learned many valuable lessons to make running your own business ten times easier. Of course, there is nothing "easy" about being an entrepreneur, but there is an art to it. Meaning, if you use the right paint and paint brushes, you can really sell your art (your business). Here are some of our tips on how to master entrepreneurship:

1. Hang around and learn from the people who are already doing what you aspire to do.

  • There is something to be said about the people who have come before you and are excelling in the business you aspire to be apart of. Don't be shy and reach out to those people for tips and advice. Essentially, this is called "doing your homework". If you dive in nose deep into a business having not considered every avenue and consulted with the experts, it will make your beginning much harder than it needs to be.

2. Set goals.

  • How can you track the progress of your business without having tangible goals? Short-term and long-term goals are key in tracking your success rate. Hold yourself accountable to these goals and set timeframes throughout the start of your business where you will check in on your progress toward meeting those goals.
3. Keep your business separate from outside factors.
  • The greatest way to get side tracked from your business is to get SIDETRACKED. Outside factors can really slow down the advancement you should be having with your business. Venturing into the world of being a successful entrepreneur means not having one foot in and one foot out. Either you're all in it or you're just not that into it. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.
4. Determine what the "prize" is and if you're willing to work for it.
  • For most people, the "prize" in being an entrepreneur is something tangible, like money. If it's money you're after or a stable lifestyle make sure that the business you're embarking in is worth it. If your happiness outweighs the prize you've got to reassess if being an entrepreneur is worth it. 

5. Embrace sleepless nights.

  • You've probably heard this word many times, but the best entrepreneurs are always "grinding". Meaning, NO DAYS OFF. While everyone is sleeping, you should be working and building your business. If you're not working IN your business, you should be working ON your business. You will sleep one day, but just embrace that full hours of sleep will happen few and far between.

6. Understand that failure is not a road block, but a stepping stone to reach bigger and better heights for your business growth.

  • You WILL fail throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, but it's those moments of failure that make you an even wiser and stronger business person. Lock those failures in your mind and rise above them. It will make both you and your business better in the end.
Are you an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one? What tips or questions do you have? Share with us below!


  1. Great Advice..

    check me out


  2. I totally agree! Motivation is contagious. To keep your engine running, hanging out with people who have the same goal as you do should be an important key point in order to achieve your entrepreneurial goal. And yes, every entrepreneur should see the beauty of sleepless nights. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! More power to you!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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