Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quick Tips To Relieve Stress

We understand how school, jobs, and life in general can create a lot of stress. Even if you think you have it together, just simply quickly moving from one activity to the next is adding stress to your body whether you realize it or not. Headaches, fatigue, rashes, loss of appetite, belly aches, tense muscles - those are all common side affects of stress that we know all too well. Here are some quick tips that you can reference to help relieve the daily stresses of life:

  • Sign up for a massage membership. We understand that massages can get pricey, but with resources like Groupon, there really is no excuse to take advantage of massage opportunities. From sitting on the computer all day to running around campus, your muscles deserve some TLC. Loose muscles will loosen you up and relieve body stress.
  • Buy some aromatherapy. Wow, you have no idea how much of an impact this can have on you, in a positive way of course. Rubbing some aromatherapy lotion on before we go to bed has significantly helped us knock out and have a peaceful sleep. The aromatherapy calms us done and puts us in a happy place. Our favorite aromatherapy lotion is the Lavender Chamomile scented one from Bath and Body Works. The Pillow mister of the same scent is a personal favorite as well. You spray it on your pillow and once you lay your head down it's lights out! Lavender and vanilla scented stuff is so therpeutic!
  • Burn some incense. After you come home from a long, stressful day, burning incense in your home can ignite a calmness that we love. Here is a nice incense pack to try!
  • Take a bubble bath. If you want to have the best "Me" time in the world, hop into a warm bath water (full of bubbles of course) and lay back and unwind. Bubble baths are the ultimate de-stresser. Here is a nice little bubble bath bottle that we recommend to get the bubble bath party of one started!
  • Take yoga classes. Co Founder, Sakura, just tried aerial yoga for the first time and she said it was a ton of fun and such a stress reliever. Whether it's hot yoga or regular yoga, there is no substitute for how sound your mind and body feels after a yoga session. It is definitely worth the investment.
How do you de-stress? Share with us below!

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