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Monday, March 14, 2016

Beach Essentials for 2016

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Some of you have already had your Spring Break but for those that haven't, here's a little beach essential list for 2016!  We always go to the beach and forget one of these items, so we made it for you so you can pack up for the beach or pool and not forget a thing!

1. Sunblock - you can never forget this guy!  Even though you want to get a tan, don't forget to put sunscreen at least on your face so you don't get wrinkles in the future.  It's really important to take care of your skin, and sunscreen is your solution to that!

2. Sunglasses - so you don't blind yourself out in the sun, duh!

3. Tangle Teezer comb - for those that have fine hair, the chlorine or the sandy beach water can really get your hair up in a tangle!  Can't forget your comb or brush.  We really love the Tangle Teezer comb- try it out!

4. Beach Towel - so you can dry off, of course.  There are so many cute beach towels out there so make sure you pick out a cute one for this beach/pool season!

5. Tanning Oil - Though you want to wear sunscreen as we stated above, you still want a little sun kissed glow!  Use some tanning oil on your legs and body to get that perfect tan!

6. Portable Speaker - We LOVE music and it totally changes the vibe of the atmosphere, so you can't forget your portable speaker! 

7. Swell Bottle - The S'well bottle is a great water bottle to have as it helps your liquids stay cool for a long, long time! They're also so cute and Instagrammable, which is a plus!

8. Book - Well you gotta have a book or magazine to read when you're out laying out.  It really is the perfect time to catch up on some good reads!

9. Swimsuit - so you can go in the water, of course!

10. Tote - You need a cute tote to put all of your beach essentials in!  There are so many right now, so be sure to snag a cute tote before they're all gone!

Hope everyone has a wonderful & safe Spring Break!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Beach Towels!

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When you're out at the beach or just hanging out by the pool, your outfit is just so limited with your teeny bikini!  You might throw on a hat or maybe carry a good beach tote, but you can't forget about having a cute beach towel!  This season, we saw tons of stores carry their own line of beach towels and we love it!  Urban Outfitters carries some funny & sassy ones, J.Crew never disappoints us with their basic polkadots, and Kohls carries adorable vintage magazine cover towels! 

We compiled some of our favorite beach towels of this Summer just for you!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

TSS Favorite Things {May}

This month for our Favorite Things we are featuring Hayden Reis tote bags! It is the perfect summer accessory and we really have enjoyed our totes. So who is Hayden Reis? Hayden Reis is a colorful collection of chic, functional and playful sailcloth totes and accessories that are proudly made in the USA. The line, created by fashion-forward Florida native Emily Stroud, was designed to solve a familiar fashion dilemma. You are a lover of designer handbags, but occasionally you need a tote bag that is big enough to carry the kitchen sink that is stylish at the same time. After all, no well-dressed gal wants to damage a Louis or get grime on a Gucci. Karen recently used her Big Island Black & Sand White Zipper Tote in Cabo, Mexico for a wedding and she said it was the perfect beach tote bag because it was durable and surprisingly spacious. The material is water-proof and the designs come a plenty! When you're getting ready to take a trip to the pool or beach, consider Hayden Reis!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It Girl Trend Report: Beach Essentials

Since school is (almost) out for everyone, one thing is on our mind... sunshine and summertime!  Pool parties, beach bonfires, and warm nights await us.  Those summer days wouldn't be complete without a few style essentials, to keep us looking cool with the sand between our toes.  We asked our It Girls to tell us all about their favorite beach staples, in this week's trend report.

One of the biggest trends?  Cute swimwear.  We loved Alyx's tribal pattern 2-piece from Karma Loop, and Rachel's black & white striped option is always classic.  Next up is accessories, from sunglasses to hats.  Ray Bans seem to be the It Girl brand of choice- so many cute styles!  Hats, from floppy to straw, offer style as well as sun protection.  Also, leave it to our It Girls to think of something useful, such as an insulated lunch bag.  As Marisa says, "This is one of my favorite beach items to bring with me... they come in all sorts of cute patterns, and they keep food and drinks cold!"  Serena's adorable Lilly Pulitzer bag is also practical, because "the inside (of the tote) is lined with plastic, so getting sand out is easy."

Palm trees, sea breeze... yes please!  Summer is almost upon us, and we can't wait to hit the beach in style.
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