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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How You Can Use Your Primer To the Fullest

Ok, so we have always had a hunch that we might not be using our primer correctly. Either that, or we are just not using it to the best of its abilities. Therefore, we decided to connect with Makeup Artist and former TSS Senior Assistant, Mackenzie Brown, and former Dolled Up Contributor, Becca Ashmon to help us understand how to best use primer. Check out their explanations below and be sure to shop the products they recommend.

Mackenzie Brown (Kappa Alpha Theta, IG: @kenziemacbrown)

[Using your primer to the fullest] depends on the type of primer because they have different formulations. There is one from Hourglass that will help prevent oil buildup and I recommend that one to people who get oily in their T-zone because it will prevent their makeup from breaking up. If you mix that specific one with liquid foundation it makes your foundation waterproof. Some primers, like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer when mixed with eyeshadow can help you use the eyeshadow as an eyeliner and it helps it stay longer. Some primers like the Porefessional are good if you have uneven skin texture because it evens it out. And Smashbox makes like 10 different primers for every sort of skin type and purpose. Also, if you put primer in your brows it makes it easier to use brow products because they won't budge and they'll be more pigmented.

Becca Ashmon (Tri Delta, IG: @beccaashmon)

Honestly, every face needs a good foundation and what makes a solid foundation you ask? Primer! Just like you prime a wall before you paint it, your face should be no different. Aside from giving your makeup a foundation to hold onto, primer can do a number of other things, from making pores appear smaller and reducing redness to helping reduce dark spots over time. So here is a list of some of my favorite primers and what it is they do!

1. Hourglass- Veil Mineral Primer 

Hands down my favorite primer of ALL time ! It is Jesus in a bottle (it saves) and goes on the face of EVERY bride I touch ! Hourglass is suitable for ALL skin types but if you are an oily girl like me then meet your new best friend. Veil is a mineral primer with an SPF of 15. Veil not only helps smooth and keep oils at bay, but it's also water resistant in case you happen to be a cry baby and tear easily at weddings and such (seriously I have cried through this stuff like ugly Kim Kardashian cried and managed to stay Beyoncé status...FLAWLESS). Bonus: It keeps makeup on my face for 12+ hours which is practically a miracle on this face !

Aside from perhaps being one of the smoothest things to ever grace your face, Benefits POREfessional helps to minimize pores while also providing a surface as smooth as a baby's bottom.

If you're a girl with dry skin this primer is the one for you. All the benefits of primer plus hydration to keep you looking fresh.

This primer does double duty as a makeup and skincare product and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots while also helping your makeup stay on and flawless .

How do you use your primer to the fullest? Share you primer tips with us in the comments below!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rock Radiant Orchid In Your Beauty Routine

[Smashbox Photo Op  Eye Shadow Trio in Autochrome ][Marc Jacobs Blush in Outspoken ][YSL Mascara in Fascinatingly Violet][NARS Larger Than Life Lip gloss in Annes Folles ][Marc Jacobs Nail Polish in Oui ].

We’re well into the New Year and thus well into make or break time for all the resolutions we’ve set. I’ve never been one for resolutions but I always vividly remember one year I did. My senior year of high school I resolved to use color in my makeup routine. I told myself that I would pick a color every month and it would be my task to learn to use that color in wearable and approachable ways. That first month I chose purple and a MAC eye shadow called Parfait Amour and my love for color in cosmetics only grew from there. Looking back I find it fitting that Pantone’s color of the year is Radiant Orchid, a sort of hybrid of Fuchsia and Purple. So In honor of my resolution all those years ago,  here are my favorite  products to rock radiant orchid in your beauty routine, try them individually or all together to freshen up your look in 2014! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Draw the Line by Becca

As a makeup artist, I have learned countless tips and tricks, but what continues to amaze me is the power of a simple line. Be it liner for the eyes or lips, one line can make a world of difference. 

So, why line you ask? Lining your eyes has a world of possibilities! It can enlarge the eye, make lashes appear thicker and eyes look brighter. Lip liner can give you lips when you have none and can add the perfect kick to the lipstick that needed a little something extra. Plus, it increases lipstick wear time--SCORE! 

Now that you understand the importance of the line here is a guide to my favorite lines.

Eye Liner: It Gives You Wings !

I know…It’s hard. They never match and you just can’t get it but today you can! Step one is a good liner, I use Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eyeliner. It comes in pen form and is incredibly easy to use, thus my love for it. Now that you have the appropriate tools you may begin. Line your eye across the top; if u miss a spot you can always go back. After you have the initial line it's time to add a wing! With your eye open, mark the height of where you’d like your wing to be. Draw downward from the point you’ve marked connecting your dot to the initial line you created. Then fill in the rest to form the wing! Repeat the steps on your other eye then check for symmetry. If your wings don’t match no worries; take a q-tip with a little makeup remover and remove any excess where needed and VOILÀ! The Perfect Wing!

The Perfect Red Lip …Liner 

Start with moisturized lips then choose a lip color and complimentary lip liner. One of my favorite combinations is MAC, Russian Red lipstick along with their lip pencil in Brick. Start by tracing the lips along the natural line paying special attention to the top lip and the Cupid’s bow, so as to emphasize the shape of the lip. After lining fill in the lips with lipstick be sure to cover lips even over the liner. After this, rub your lips together and if necessary use a q-tip to perfect any imperfections. You now have the perfect lip and liner look! 

Happy Lining! 


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

LAST MINUTE Halloween Makeup Look by Becca

Halloween is right around the corner, but what's that you say? You have no costume?! Not to worry, here are 2 Halloween looks you can achieve with makeup you've probably already got at home!  

Party At Gatsby's  

Start with a standard smokey eye using silver eyeshadow as a base and blending upward with black eyeshadow. Add a good pair of false lashes and line eyes . Next, follow your normal foundation routine and add a touch of pink blush. I used NARS Orgasm here. Lastly, add a BOLD red lip! I used NARS Flamenco here! For the finishing touch, curl your hair, pin it up, and you're ready to go!  Tip : Outline your lips with concealer to help emphasize your cupids bow ( top of the lip ) like the ladies of the 1920's.  

OH Deer!  

Start by applying foundation to the face. Next, using NYX Jumbo Milk Pencil, color the perimeter of eyes ( in a mask like shape) and down the center of the nose; blend using a brush. Around the perimeter of the white mask you've just created, use a Dark Bronzer from your forehead down to your mid cheek. Using a black eyeshadow, my personal fave is Carbon by MAC, place shadow on the lid only- follow with black liner adding a wing on the edges and also in the front going towards your nose. Using the same liner, draw in your nose then, using the NYX Jumbo Milk Pencil, draw spots on both sides of your face. Add Lashes to the top and on the bottom away from your actual lashes. Darken your eyebrows with black eyeshadow and you're set to be what all the hunters want this Halloween! Happy Halloween Loves !  

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Runway To Reality: NAILED IT by Becca

Runway To Reality: NAILED IT!
New York Fashion Week had tons to offer this year in the beauty category and from Kate Spade to Phillip Lim it’s clear that the future of beauty is nails.  Here are some tips and tricks on how to get the looks gracing the catwalks of NYFW!

The Feather Mani – Start by painting your nails with your favorite color. I chose “It’s Totally Fort Worth It by OPI. While nails are still wet, select a feather and lay it flat on the desired nail. (Feathers can be purchased at your local craft store. I got mine at Michaels for $1.93!!! ) Trim feather to fit nail and finish with top coat and you’ve got a classy and sassy manicure!

The Half Moon Glitter Mani – Inspired by the nails on the Oscar De La Renta Runway at New York Fashion Week, this Half Moon Glitter Mani is sure to add Pizzazz to any dreary day! Start with a base coat of your favorite color. I used Chanel, “Black Satin” and Essie “Blanc”. Next dab glitter polish at the base of the nail in a half moon shape, I used Deborah Lippmann “Happy Birthday” and OPI“ Which is Witch?” Finish with clear top coat then let dry and show the world your sparkle!

Tip: When using glitter polishes, dab the polish instead of painting it on for maximum glitz!

The Fibre Optic Mani – This darker version of the girly, pink glitzy nails shown by Jenny Packham is perfect for fall. Start with a black base coat, I used Chanel, “Black Satin”. Next, dab Fibre Optic Polish from nails inc. London over the entire nail; I used “Mayfair Mews”. Finish with clear top coat and let nails dry for 15 minutes for an out of this world look! 

Tip: When using polish with glitter or texture let nails dry for an extra 5 to 10 minutes as the polish will be thicker.

 If none of these manicures strike your fancy try one of the shades of the season!
Iridescent Grays – Try Essie "For The Twill of It" or Deborah Lippmann "Wicked Game"
Electric Violets – Marc Jacobs “Ultraviolet”, Zoya “Mira
Orange Reds – OPI "Red My Fortune Cookie", Dior “Trafalgar"

Happy Painting !

Monday, August 26, 2013

Just Brow-zing by Becca

Photography: Rachel Elaine Photography

There are SO many things I can say about eyebrows but let me start by saying I LOVE them. As a Makeup Artist, eyebrows are in my opinion one of the most important elements in a facial beauty routine. Eyebrows not only frame your face, but when properly shaped they can help to define and lift the eye and even slim the face! 

So how do you get that perfect brow?  I’m here to show you how!

To figure out where your brow should begin, hold a pen next to your nose on the inner corner of your brow. This should be your starting point. Now, angle the pen across your iris. This will determine where your arch should be. Finally, angle your pen  to the outer corner of the eye-your brow should end there.

Now that you’ve determined your eyebrow shape, tweeze any stray hairs you may have. Then, using a flat angled brush and brow powder (my personal favorite is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo) outline your brows and fill in where necessary. If you are a beginner and filling in your brows and freehand seems too daunting of a task, try using a brow stencil (also available from Anastasia Beverly Hills). If your brows seem too dark or overfilled not to worry; take a disposible mascara wand and brush them out to lighten the color! You can stop there or for extra credit you can use concealer to sculpt your brow (this is perfect for special occasions like formals!!!). Using a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin, outline your brows on the top and bottom blending as you go and voilà, you now have the perfect brow!

Happy Brow-zing!

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