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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gifts For Your Little

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We know that Big/Little Reveal is around the corner for a lot of you ladies so we decided to do a little shopping for you to help you choose the absolute cutest gifts for your Little. For those who don't know what Big/Little Reveal is (or Mom/Dot (Daughter)) it is when an active member gets paired with an initiated member based on best fit. It is common throughout the years of being in your sorority to do functions with your Little and really bond with them. For Big/Little Reveal gifts, it is 100% about personalization, which is why we really loved this Acrylic Block Letter Monogram Necklace from BaubleBar. You can each have matching ones!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TSS Master List of Big Little Reveal 2013!

It's finally here- The Sorority Secrets Master List of BIG LITTLE REVEAL 2013! We couldn't have done it all without our loyal readers and followers so we want to thank you all for all of your submissions!

Big Little season is probably one of the most exciting times of the year besides Bid Day (we have a Master List for Bid Day themes too! Click here!) and we know that every chapter and school does their Big/Little  Reveal a little differently!  The Sorority Secrets is all about reuniting and helping one another with different and creative ideas so we thought we would create a Master List of Big/Little Reveals!  

Check out the following list of different reveals our amazing followers have submitted on what their chapter does for Big/Little Reveal! If you didn't get a chance to submit, feel free to comment below (add your sorority & school)!

1. Alpha Chi Omega at California State University of Fullerton 
"We have all the Littles line up along the walls of the house and then Bigs will come up behind them with crates full of goodies and their new letters on.  When the lights turn on, all of the Littles will turn around to see who their Big is!" - @stephanielaine 

2. Sigma Kappa at Florida Atlantic University
" Bigs will make large boxes that they can hide in and we go to the beach and form a heart out of the boxes for Sigma Kappa and to symbolize the Bigs' love for their Littles.  Littles will arrive and steps in front of their boxes and on the count of 3, Littles will open the boxes to find their new Big!" - @stacytally

3. Alpha Chi Omega at CMU
"We have all of the Bigs park their cars in a parking lot and all switch around who hides in them so you aren't hiding in your own car.  We decorate the cars, cover the windows, and play music and the Littles are given the car keys to find the car the key opens!" - @kalliezardus

4. Sigma Kappa at University of La Verne
"Littles go to a three story building with an elevator and went to a room full of balloons with the Littles' first names on them.  The Littles will then have to pop the balloons with their names and find a number inside of the balloons.  The Littles will then have to wait in order depending on their number they got to go down the elevator to find their Big!" - @miss_j_ro

5. N/A
"We give all of the Littles hair bows in different colors and have them stand with their backs to the Bigs.  Then the Bigs (sneakily) put the matching hair box in their own hair.  Then, we have the Littles turn around and find the matching hair bow on their new Big!" - @a_hunter_9

6. & 7. Alpha Gamma Delta at Indiana University
"At Alpha Gamma Delta- Beta Delta chapter, we've done two different reveals.  One reveal is that Bigs hide behind umbrellas and Littles enter one or two at a time.  Everyone counts down and then the Big undoes the umbrella!  The other reveal we do is we wrap up the Bigs in wrapping paper, then the Little enters the room and unwraps them!" - @oh_emdee

8. N/A
"All of the Bigs have a ball of yarn that they string throughout the house (the whole house looks like a web!).  The Littles are given the end of her yearn and they wind it all back up until they reach their Big!" - @oh_emdee

9. Chi Omega at Florida Gulf Coast University
"We have the Littles stand at a table and face a wall and unwrap a picture frame with their Big's picture in it.  Then the Littles turn around and her Big is standing right behind them!" - @jessthemess1308 

10. Kappa Alpha Theta at Purdue University
" We have the Bigs and their families hiding in cars in the parking lot.  The Bigs are usually hidden in the trunk!  The Littles will then get a car key and has to run and figure out which car their key goes to!  Once they find the car, they open the trunk to see who their Big is and everyone in her new family!" - @allie_haseley

11. Chi Omega at University of Central Florida 
"The Littles find a bag with their name on it and then close their eyes while the Bigs go next to their Littles and take pictures with them!  The Littles will then open their eyes to find their new Big and will find a picture frame in their bag to frame the picture right before the reveal!"
 - @leximeowritt

12. Gamma Phi Beta at University of California, Riverside
"The Delta Lambda Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta has all of the Littles wear crazy socks that match their Big.  They come into a room and there are blankets up and all you can see is the Bigs' feet (in the same socks).  You stand across from the matching socks and once everyone has found their matching pair, the blankets drop and their new Big is revealed!" - @sarahadassa

13. Phi Mu at University of Texas, San Antonio
"We decorate stools and line them all up.  The Bigs will hide while the Littles come out and find their stool.  Then the Bigs come out behind a sheet and on the count of 3, we drop the sheets and our Littles open their eyes to see us in front of them!" - @bee_onkaa

14. Kappa Delta at Virginia Tech
"We place cut out shapes in a big room.  The Littles are released to find their shape on the wall with their name.  They run around the house looking for the puzzle piece shape that fits the one in their hand on a door.  They have to knock and wait for a question, 'how badly do you want to come in?', they answer (most Littles scream) and the door opens and their Big is waiting on the other side!" - @katecashwell

15. Pi Beta Phi at Florida State University
"We have the Big get huge boxes and wrap them with wrapping paper and their Little's name on a tag and the Big sits inside of the boxes and have the Little open the boxes!" - @coolkidseatlemons

16. Alpha Chi Omega at Washington State University
"We do a Big Little week that leads up to reveal.  The day before reveal the Littles receive pajamas that will match their Bigs'.  On reveal their Big will wait in our formal with big blankets covering their bodies.  The Littles in their pajamas come up in waves of 5.  We count down to five and their Bigs correlating to the 5 Littles drop their blankets and run to one another in love!! We do this until everyone is revealed!" - @elikadianasudo

17. Alpha Phi at Towson University
"We have the Big and their family hiding in a car while the music is blasting in a parking lot.  The Littles do activities across campus and find different clues.  THe last clue leads them to the parking lot full of cars and has a certain song in the index card.  The Littles have to go pass the cars to try and find the car that is playing the song that matches their index card.  When the Little is approaching the car, the Big runs out!" - @chelsguagliardo

18. Sigma Kappa at Florida Atlantic University
"We always do our reveals on the beach and this past year we did a flash mob!  We made signs with our Little's name on it and they stood behind us.  We had a whole choreographed dance and at certain parts of the song, the Bigs would turn around and reveal themselves and run to their Littles.  It was a lot of fun and it was an easy choreography to learn!" - @kspector

19. Sigma Kappa at Cal Poly, Pomona
"We have our actives stand in a circle at our formal called Pearl Premiere and the new girls enter the circle with a candle and their Big will blow out their candle, maybe after a walk around the circle a couple of times!" - @alexxleann

20. Gamma Phi Beta at University of South Florida
"Our Littles have to pop three balloons to get the puzzle pieces with numbers on them, then they must find the gift bag with that number on it!  In the bag there will be socks waiting.  The Littles put on the socks and go around our sorority house to find a matching sock on the door!  The Big will be behind the door with one sock on!  The Little opens the door and voila, she found her Big! :)" - @mo0she_2336

21. Sigma Kappa at University of Arizona
"Our chapter puts balloons around the entire house and has the Littles lead around by Active Members to find all of their balloons.  Then they are lead outside with their balloons and walk around a circle that the Actives have made while the Actives sing one of our sisterhood songs.  And then slowly one by one Bigs start to pop out at their Littles and then the Littles let their balloons go!  Most of our families have a theme of some sort so the Littles receive a hat or animal ears or something that represents their family at that point and then PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES!" - @aves444

22. Phi Mu at Penn State
"We decorate shoes to match our Littles and stand behind a BIG cardboard wall and they match their feet up to ours and then we drop the wall between us!  We also have done a candle pass in the dark and the sister who blows out the candle is your big and it's pitch black and then you turn on the lights to see who it is!" - @marisasimonee

23. Kappa Alpha Theta at Arizona State University
"We have an entire week dedicated to Big Little reveal!  A couple weeks before Big Little reveal week, the Littles are given a couple survey questions (their favorite candy, favorite colors, favorite patterns, etc.).  The week of the reveal on Monday through Thursday, the Littles go to the house everyday to pick up a different present everyday that has one clue per day on who their Big is.  On Friday, the Littles will go to their designated spot where their present usually is to find something to wear or put on (mask, crown, ears, etc.) that their Big left and they run around the house and go in each room until they find their Big!  After the reveal, each family usually goes out to dinner to celebrate their new member in their family!" - @jacquelinemeyer

Thank you to everyone who submitted!  Again, if your school is not on here- comment below with your sorority and school! 
**Submission may have been slightly changed due to clarification of each reveal.

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