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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 Things That Can Make Your Basic Outfit, Not-So-Basic

If you're more of a minimalist like us and like your basic tees and jeans we have five things we always wear to still stand out wearing a basic outfit!  It's pretty amazing what one thing can do to your entire outfit.  We believe in the term, "less is more", so we thinking keeping it simple is better, but you can always spruce things up!  Here is our list of items that can make your outfit stand out from the crowd!

  1. Lipstick - it's pretty amazing what a simple lip color can do to your entire outfit.  Maybe match a black turtleneck and skinny jeans with a red lip?! So simple, but so cute!
  2. Hats - hats can really make you stand out from the crowd.  If you're not really a hat person, just try it out for a day and we promise you're going to be getting tons of compliments left & right!
  3. Your Hair-do - if you always wear your hair down, wear it in a cute ponytail or vise versa!  We love a basic outfit with a cute messy bun, pony tail, or even wear it in a braid.  The point of this is switch it up from your usual and it can really make a difference!
  4. Shoes - yes, shoes are a girls favorite thing, but just by switching it up and wearing converses or even heels with a basic outfit it spruces things up!
  5. Jewelry - now again, since you are wearing a simple outfit, you can go either way with your jewelry! You can keep it simple or you can wear something more detailed- that's the best part about wearing simple outfits!
What are some of your favorite ways to spruce up your basic outfits??

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Gifts For Your Little

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

We know that Big/Little Reveal is around the corner for a lot of you ladies so we decided to do a little shopping for you to help you choose the absolute cutest gifts for your Little. For those who don't know what Big/Little Reveal is (or Mom/Dot (Daughter)) it is when an active member gets paired with an initiated member based on best fit. It is common throughout the years of being in your sorority to do functions with your Little and really bond with them. For Big/Little Reveal gifts, it is 100% about personalization, which is why we really loved this Acrylic Block Letter Monogram Necklace from BaubleBar. You can each have matching ones!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grad Gifts For Her

Graduation is still around the corner for a lot of you and we know that there is one thing you're looking forward to besides the diploma---the grad gifts! While money is the quickest and easiest form of a gift, consider being a little sentimental by investing in a special or practical gift. Here are some of our faves:

This Shop Dandy monogrammed acrylic jewelry tray is perfect for adding some personalization in your dorm room or apartment and also keeping your jewelry nice and neat!

Tory Burch's Kerrington Square Tote is the cutest little bag to help carry books around campus or to simply look cute walking down the street!

Bauble Bar teamed up with FRENDS to provide the cutest pair of headphones + earrings. The headphones are embellished to perfection via Bauble Bar so you can look super chic and trendy while you're walking around campus or around town listening to music. On the flip side, you can change out the headphone caps to have a more simple style. Super cool!

These Warby Parker glasses are the cutest things ever and will make the grad look extra studious while study for those college final exams.

You can never go wrong gifted makeup because it will always come in handy. We are currently loving tarte's 6 piece makeup bag equipped with makeup brushes, mascara, blush, eyeshadows, and more!

There will be several moments post graduation where the graduate will have to get into business casual attire for a meeting, internship, or interview. This pink  'Molly' blazer from TOPSHOP is just the perfect gift to be worn for any professional occasion.

Do you have some favorites??

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

4 Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

[image source]

Jewelry is a must when it comes to our "outfit of the day". We both have a love for dainty jewelry pieces and gaudy, colorful ones here and there. But, one thing is for sure, there are just certain classic jewelry pieces that every woman should have in her jewelry box. It's those go-to classic jewelry pieces that just go with any outfit. Click on the descriptions below to check out some of our favorites!
Midi rings
Pearl earrings
Michael Kors watch
Dainty necklace 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

TSS Favorite Things {April}

Sakura- Flats | Primer | Brush

April is here and it officially is starting to feel like Spring!  This past month was a big month for us with birthdays, wedding celebrations, and lots of traveling.  We've gathered some of our favorite items of this month for you all to check out!  

Sakura's Tangle Teezer comb has been a big secret we have been wanting to share along with the super trendy initial earrings that we have been seeing on tons of celebrities!

What are some of your favorite items of April??

Monday, March 17, 2014

Katie Dean Jewelry {Giveaway}



If you haven't seen or heard of Katie Dean Jewelry then you might want to jump on this train. We first found out about Katie Dean Jewelry through Lea Michele's Instagram. She was rocking the cutest piece of hand jewelry we had ever seen! We had to know just where she got it. Turns out, Lea Michele wasn't the only one who loved Katie Dean Jewelry. Several different stars like Kendall and Kylie Jenner and other famous celebs around LA had already caught on to the amazing jewelry that is Katie Dean Jewelry. So what makes her jewelry so unique? Everything. Think bohemian, earthy designs mixed with a feminine dainty twist. When you look at KDJ's pieces, you're looking at a piece of art. Each piece of jewelry has a one of kind flair to it. We have a thing for midi rings right now and KDJ offers the best midi ring designs like the Arrow Ring and the Feather Ring. Karen had been searching high and low for a hand chain and fell in love with the Say Your Prayers gold hand chain from KDJ--like Katie said, it's so amazing that you don't want to take it off. In fact, all of her jewelry you just don't want to take off.

Do you want to experience what all the hype is with KDJ's fab jewelry pieces? We have a special giveaway for you! The Sorority Secrets + Katie Dean Jewelry have teamed up to offer one winner their very own jewelry piece from the Katie Dean Jewelry collection. One winner will receive their choice of any piece of KDJ jewelry that is $50 or less. This is an Instagram giveaway and here are the official rules of entry:
  1. You must be a US resident (this giveaway is not offered to those outside of the US).
  2. You must read and agree to The Sorority Secrets' Contest/Giveaway Disclaimer.
  3. Follow @katiedeanjewelry on Instagram
  4. Comment on The Sorority Secrets' Katie Dean Jewelry Giveaway picture on Instagram telling us where you would wear her jewelry if you won
The contest ends on 3/28 at 11:59 PM PST and the winner will be notified via Instagram. Thanks and good luck!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

A-List Jewelry Giveaway (ENDED)!

We always love supporting fellow Greek members so we were ecstatic when A-List Greek Design's Founder, Hope Gray, shared with us her newest, super trendy jewelry line. Best of all, it's catered to sororities!

Every company has an amazing story and we were really touched by Hope's Greek journey that in many ways inspired the launch of her Greek jewelry lineBefore joining Greek life, Hope was shy and introverted. She didn’t want to go through sorority recruitment but everyone in her dorm and suite signed up, so she did too. On bid day, she almost walked away from her bid until her Rho Gamma (recruitment counselor) told her she needed to give Greek life a chance. Next thing she knew, the sisters she was so scared of turned into her closest friends. Best of all, she was elected President (twice) for her sorority and her Greek experience became nothing short of a blessing.

A-List Greek Designs and Custom Creations is new to the Greek community and was started by Hope and a group of affiliated Greek sisters. A-List Greek Designs strengthens the bond between sisterhood and style and you see that through the various jewelry pieces that can all be custom made and ordered for your sorority. A-List designs were made with chic Greeks in mind and as women who are affiliated, they know it’s important to look your A-List best and have the cutest sorority jewelry!

With many of you wrapping up recruitment or starting initiations, we wanted to surprise you with an awesome giveaway! 3 winners will win the Big/Lil charm set from A-List Greek Designs. The set will include one "Love My Lil Sis" charm and one "Love My Big Sis" charm. Here is what you will need to enter:

Step 1: "Like" A-List Greek Designs on Facebook (click here to "like")
Step 2: "Like" The Sorority Secrets on Facebook (click here to "like")
Step 3: Share the A-List Greek Designs contest graphic found on our Instagram and tag @thesororitysecrets and @a_listgreek

Good luck, and make sure to shop the rest of A-List Greek Designs fabulous jewelry!
*Contest ends 10/03/13. Winner will be notified via email*

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY: Protect Your Jewels

Acrylic Clear Gloss Spray: Krylon.  Bracelets: Forever 21 (here & here).

You know that really cute faux gold bracelet that you love to wear?  Sure, it's shiny and pretty now that it's fresh out of the package.  But once you give it a little too much love, it might start to turn green on you.  Before long, it starts to tarnish... the gold chips away, and there's no turning back.  Since it's not real gold, it can't be polished.  With all of the cute & inexpensive costume jewelry options out there, what's a girl to do?  Just because it didn't cost a lot shouldn't mean that it's disposable.

Low and behold, we came across a solution to the costume jewelry dilemma... clear gloss spray!  We had heard of this trick before, and so we decided to give it a try.  Local craft stores (such as Michael's) carry clear gloss acrylic sprays, usually in the spray paint section.  If you want the results to be shiny, make sure to get the bottle marked "Gloss"- otherwise, the ones marked "Matte" or "Satin" will leave a matte finish on your items.  This will work for all metal costume jewelry; not suggested for real precious metals or plated items, or for use with items that have shiny stones.  Since the spray is clear, it doesn't matter what color the metal is.

To start, take the jewelry out that you wish to protect.  Clean it off with a slightly damp paper towel, and dry off completely with a dry paper towel.  Any dirt or fingerprint marks left on the item will literally get "sealed" inside the clear coat, so try to make everything look nice and clean.  Take your items outdoors, along with something to protect the ground (a flat piece of cardboard or a paper grocery bag, for example).  Lay your items flat on the cover, give the can a few good shakes, and begin to lightly mist away.  Start with even and light strokes about 1-1.5 feet away from the ground, gently covering the jewelry with each mist.  Be careful to not let the gloss spray get too thick or drippy; the coat should be light.  Once evenly coated, do not touch the wet jewelry.  Leave it outside for 1-2 hours to dry, flip the pieces over to the opposite side, and repeat coating the back side with the gloss spray.  After the back side dries for another 1-2 hours, your jewelry is ready to go!  Wait until the jewelry no longer feels tacky or sticky before taking inside to wear.

We hope you love our trick for your costume jewelry... TSS tested & approved!  We know we're excited to give some of our favorite pieces an extra long, wearable life!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{Special Interview} Meet Bella the Founder of Origami Owl!

The Sorority Secrets had an opportunity to go visit and interview Bella, the 16 year-old founder of Origami Owl at their cute office (also known as, "The Nest")!  Origami Owl allows you to create customized lockets with different charms and gems to tell your story.  The great thing is, they have Greek letters too to create sorority lockets!  These lockets are great for gifts to give to your friends, mom, family members, and your sorority sisters!  There's Independent Designers all over the country that hosts parties to gather their friends for a night of fun to create adorable, fun lockets!

The story behind this vast growing company is truly one-of-a-kind especially because it all started with a girl and a dream she had.  Get to know Bella and find out what her dream was that started a successful jewelry company!

Any words of advice for you aspiring young female entrepreneurs?
"If you can dream it, you can achieve it- you just have to go for it!"

What began your journey to start Origami Owl?
"My parents told me that if I wanted a car when I turned 16, I had to work for it and get it myself.  I started saving money by babysitting but it just wasn't enough so I started created customized jewelry.  Eventually making jewelry made me think of how I wish I can allow everyone to customize their jewelry so I thought of charms in a locket! Origami Owl started off as a small kiosk in a mall to now its bigger than I have ever imagined it to be!"

Why "Origami Owl"?
"When my mom and I were brainstorming for a name, I remember we were in my room.  I was looking around and I had Origami everywhere!  I also happened to love Owls so we came up with Origami Owl and it just stuck! We loved the name!"

What are your favorite style staples?
"I love to mismatch! I love stripes with dots, dots with stripes.  Yellow is my favorite color so you can always find me wearing yellow probably with my favorite lipstick Candy Yum Yum from MAC Makeup.  I also have an obsession with cheetah print!"

What can we find in your makeup bag?
"Besides my Candy Yum Yum lipstick, I always have my Studio Fix makeup and my Naked Eye Palette by Urban Decay!"

How do you balance work and play?
"Well it's really difficult because I love to be at The Nest and work with everyone, but school is still very important to me.  School comes first to me, but besides work and school, I am apart of my school musical and I love it!  I love to sing and dance and I just love being apart of my school musical program!  I try to be at The Nest for work whenever I can when I'm not at school or practice!"

What are the top 5 songs on your personal playlist?
  1. Hall of Fame- The Script
  2. Stay- Rihanna
  3. Firework- Katy Perry
  4.  22- Taylor Swift (I love Taylor Swift!)
  5. We Found Love- Rihanna & Calvin Harris

We want to thank Bella and the team at Origami Owl for having us at The Nest!  Make sure to order your customized Living Lockets and check out!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Custom Greek Jewelry: Nava New York!

Jewelry: Nava New York

When we got connected with Nava New York, we couldn't wait to spill the beans on this adorable company that has cute & dainty jewelry for our fellow Greek readers out there. Nava New York is a line of custom jewelry handmade in NYC designed for today’s sorority sisters.  The simplicity of their designs allows for elegant versatility, making their jewelry the perfect Greek accessory! Pair your jewelry with cute sorority apparel from 224 Apparel & Design for a complete total sorority look. Or, dress it up with your favorite outfits for date parties, formals, and girl's nights at the sorority house.

Nava New York is not just a jewelry company; they're philanthropists too! With every purchase made, Nava New York donates 5% of their earnings to your sorority's national charity. Jewelry for a cause? Now, that's OUR style. 

Don't see your chapter on their site? Well, don't fret because if you rally up your sisters and order 20 or more of any style, they will make it special for you.

Be sure to check out their products in their online boutique and let us know what you think of their super cute pieces!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blue Crush

{On Ali} Top: Aryn K (similar here).  Jeans: J Brand.  Heels: Jessica Simpson.  Purse: HeartsJewelry: Forever 21.  {On Sakura} Jumpsuit: H&M (similar here) {On Karen} Blazer: Sears (similar here). Pants: Forever 21. Heels: Shoedazzle (old, similar here). Purse: Charming Charlie (old, similar here). Jewelry: Forever 21.

We've got the blues... for cobalt, that is.  Sometimes the simple primary colors really do the trick, and add some added punch to your wardrobe.  Paired with black or white, a vibrant blue hue stands out.  Here we show that blue can look great worn as a top or on the bottom-- add some accessories, and you've got one chic ensemble!  We're big advocates of adding color into your closet.  Cool tones such as blue are also a big hit for spring.  Blue, we've got a crush on you.

Looking for the perfect accessory to add to your colorful outfit?  We fell in love with Ali's purse from Hearts (um, how cute is that geometric pattern?!) and you can get it too with our secret steal.  Hearts was so kind to extend a 30% discount to our readers, using code TSS30 at checkout.  Another reason to fall in love with Hearts?  They are cruelty free, and promote sustainable fashion.  We're all for it!

{ promo code valid until 5/31/13}

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kendra Scott Jewelry Giveaway! (Ended)

If you love adorable statement pieces then you have to know about Kendra Scott Jewelry!  The Sorority Secrets had an opportunity to link up with this adorable Texan designer at her Scottsdale location grand-opening and we have been obsessed with her jewelry ever since!  Kendra Scott Jewelry has a total of 7 locations- four in Texas, one in Beverly Hills, one in Scottsdale, and another location opening up in Newport Beach!  You can also find many of her jewelry at Nordstrom.

Kendra Scott and The Sorority Secrets have teamed up to give one special reader this beautiful Harlow necklace that Sakura is wearing.  It's a value of $195.00 that one lucky reader will win!  It makes a simple outfit turn into a marvelous outfit and this beautiful Goldstone color has the perfect amount of shimmer in it!

Also we have a special promo code just for our readers to use to get 15% off your entire purchase until 3/20th!

Make sure to check out all of Kendra Scott's other stunning pieces!

Here's how to enter:
Step 1: "Like" The Sorority Secrets on Facebook. (Click here to "Like")
Step 2: "Like" Kendra Scott Jewelry on Facebook. (Click here to "Like")
Step 3: Share The Sorority Secret's Kendra Scott Giveaway Facebook post on your personal Facebook.
Step 4: Leave a comment below and tell us where you would wear The Harlow necklace! Make sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win!

Good luck and thank you to Kendra Scott and her wonderful team!
*Contest ends 3/20/13. Winner will be notified via email*
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