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Monday, August 17, 2015

8 Fabulous Back-To-School Outfits


It doesn't matter how old you are, getting ready for the first day of school is so much fun. For us sorority girls, it's all about looking cute as we 'Campus Catwalk' our way from class to class. On the days that we are not wearing our custom made sorority shirts (because let's be honest, that's 90% of our wardrobe after workout gear and formal dresses) we appreciate a trendy piece to flaunt around school every now and again. We shopped the closets of some of our favorite designers to get you some outfit pieces to turn heads for those first few days of school. Shop them all above! One of our favorites is this super adorable camel colored felt floppy hat from TOPSHOP. Let us know what you like from our list by sharing with us below!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

College Bucket List

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Be it that we have lived through college, we definitely have a pretty seasoned College Bucket List to share with our fellow college readers. Whether you're embarking on your college journey soon or midday into it, check these College Bucket List items off of your list:

  1. Join a sorority (I mean, that's obvi, right?!)
  2. Live in college housing
  3. If you're a sorority girl, live in your chapter house
  4. Take a college credit dance class
  5. Do Race For the Cure with your friends/sisters
  6. Attend Spring Break in Viva la Mexico!
  7. Go to at least one college football game
  8. Sit in the student section
  9. Pull an "all-nighter"
  10. Go to a frat party
  11. Compete in a dance off
  12. Eat Chick-fil-a like every single day (partially kidding)!
  13. Attend at least two campus events
  14. Have a Power Hour
  15. Go to a date dash (with or without a date)
  16. Decorate your grad cap (after all, you did earn your degree so show your accomplishments off)!
What does your College Bucket List look like? Share with us in the comments below some things you hope to achieve while in college?

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grad Gifts For Her

Graduation is still around the corner for a lot of you and we know that there is one thing you're looking forward to besides the diploma---the grad gifts! While money is the quickest and easiest form of a gift, consider being a little sentimental by investing in a special or practical gift. Here are some of our faves:

This Shop Dandy monogrammed acrylic jewelry tray is perfect for adding some personalization in your dorm room or apartment and also keeping your jewelry nice and neat!

Tory Burch's Kerrington Square Tote is the cutest little bag to help carry books around campus or to simply look cute walking down the street!

Bauble Bar teamed up with FRENDS to provide the cutest pair of headphones + earrings. The headphones are embellished to perfection via Bauble Bar so you can look super chic and trendy while you're walking around campus or around town listening to music. On the flip side, you can change out the headphone caps to have a more simple style. Super cool!

These Warby Parker glasses are the cutest things ever and will make the grad look extra studious while study for those college final exams.

You can never go wrong gifted makeup because it will always come in handy. We are currently loving tarte's 6 piece makeup bag equipped with makeup brushes, mascara, blush, eyeshadows, and more!

There will be several moments post graduation where the graduate will have to get into business casual attire for a meeting, internship, or interview. This pink  'Molly' blazer from TOPSHOP is just the perfect gift to be worn for any professional occasion.

Do you have some favorites??

Monday, March 2, 2015

5 College Resources You Should Take Advantage Of

Leverage leverage leverage. That's how you can make the most out of your college experience POST college. We have been a mentor to many of our younger sorority sisters that we wanted to provide you with some tips we learned along the way in college to help you succeed. These 5 resources can really help you advice in the work life post college:

  1. Locate your school's jobs and internship website and search for jobs and internships fitting to your interests. For us at Arizona State University, we had Sun Devil Career Link and it allowed us to type in keywords and internships and jobs fitting to those key words would pop up!
  2. Engage your counselor! They are getting paid to fully help you so take advantage! Bonus: try to find a counselor from the Business School. Use them to review your résumé and keep you in the know of important on campus events.
  3. Speaking of events, find out when your school's Career Fair is and go! It's all about putting yourself out there and networking.
  4. Talk to upperclassmen. They know the ropes and can really guide you down a more smooth path in college. 
  5. If you're in a sorority, engage your Educational Chairwoman and committee. This was one of the best parts of being in a sorority because so many of our sisters had helpful study guides or old books they didn't mind passing down. If you're not in a sorority, locate study groups; they're so helpful especially when prepping for a major test.
Good luck and make the best out of your college experience! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why it's OK to be Single in College

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, we all have a “timeline”.  You know, the timeline that we magically came up with one day that determines when we’re getting engaged, married, and having little mini me’s running around. Well, we’re here to tell you to throw that timeline away!  This is your life; not a book, and life is unpredictable.  Just because all of your friends are getting boyfriends doesn’t mean that you have to suddenly get a boyfriend!  Today's post is for all of you single ladies… we’re here to tell you why it’s okay to be single during college!

1. Build amazing friendships
College is the best time to build life-long friendships. Experience things with your friends and make great memories during your college years.  Once you’re out in the real world, it’s a little more difficult to find time to hang out with girlfriends! Your friends are your support group and the people that will always be by your side.

2. Career girl
Not that having a boyfriend disables you from pursuing your career, but your “life changing” decisions may be affected by your relationship- such as graduating, getting a job, and moving! This is your life. Work hard and put extra hours for that dream job of yours!

3. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T
Being independent isn’t a “pride” thing- it’s knowing how to be on your own, being comfortable with who you are, and learning how to deal with things without anyone’s help.  In your twenties, it’s especially important to learn about independence because it’s the decade of personal growth.  Enjoy a Friday night alone… it’s rejuvenating!

4. Be selfish
Once you are married and have kids, you have to make decisions depending on other people’s best interests. This is the one time in your life where you can make decisions for yourself and no one else’s. Take advantage of this time and be selfish and focus on achieving your wants and needs!

5. The world is your oyster
This is your life! Do what you want, whenever you want!  Take the opportunities that life has to offer and make sure to live life with no regrets! Oh... and TRAVEL!

6. Go on dates!
Just because we’re all for being single during college, doesn’t mean we’re anti-boys! We encourage you to go on dates, have fun, and take this time to figure out what qualities you want in your future significant other!  It’s all about trial and error!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Study Session Survival Guide

It’s finals season once again…our favorite (not!). Between the tons of group projects and research papers, you also have to start studying for those huge exams. Summer seems so close, yet so, so far away. Everyone is familiar with the long study sessions spent at the library or locked away in your room where it just feels endless. Have no fear, we’ve compiled a list of some essentials to keep you on-track, focused, and efficient!
  • Water, water, water
    • Whatever you do, do not dehydrate your system with soda or energy drinks. Hydrate your system and notice elevated energy and heightened focus. 
  • Self-control apps
    • If you have a Mac, you can use SelfControl to block out certain websites while you are studying. There are other applications similar for PCs and mobile phones as well!
  • Healthy snacks
    • Don’t stock up on junk food for finals (even though we know, it’s tempting!). Put some carrot sticks and ranch dressing in a Tupperware or grab an apple the next time you’re running out the door for a study session. Sometimes you need to munch on something to keep yourself focused and awake, so you might as well make it a healthy snack!
  • Good tunes
    • While songs with familiar lyrics or even words in general can be distracting, there are tons of amazing playlists with instrumental music that can help you stay on-track. Check out for hundreds of instrumental playlists tailored specifically for studying. 
  • A study buddy
    • Sometimes studying with a friend can be extremely distracting, so you have to have an understanding that you’re both there to get down to business. Try explaining a concept you’re learning to them or have them quiz you on important concepts. Saying things out loud will help you process better and having a determined buddy will hold you accountable when you start to slack off. 

Even if you’re pulling an all-nighter (although we advise not to do that), be sure to take frequent breaks. For every thirty minutes you work uninterrupted, you should take a 5-10 minute break. Resting your mind will allow you to get back to work re-focused and energized. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Student's Guide To Filing Taxes

Picture source: Credit Sesame

Oh Tax Season! For us, back in college Tax Season meant extra money for spring break {haha}! But, in all seriousness, Tax Season is that time of the year to get your money back that you overpaid in taxes. Taxes can be super confusion and if you don't use the right tax preparer, like an H&R Block rep or a CPA, then you might lose out on ways where you can get more money back as a student. For example, Co Founder Karen was able to get a substantial amount of money back when she was in school because her Tax Preparer educated her about the American Opportunity Tax Credit. This credit allowed her and other college students to expense their college expenses! You want to come extra prepared when you meet with your Tax Preparer or if you decide to file on your own. Therefore, below are some tools that will be helpful as you prepare for filing your taxes:

  • Decide on who you want to file your taxes. It can be a CPA, an H&R Block representative, or a computer software that can help to file your taxes.
  • Consider if you're a dependent or an independent. If you are a dependent that means that your parents provide more than 50% of financial support for you. If you do support yourself, then you are an independent. This is important because it determines whether or not you or your parents receive some extra money back.
  • Gather all the necessary documents to make the filing process go much easier. Gather these types of documents and forms:
    • All forms that say W-2, 1098, 1099 or Schedule K-1
    • Records of any contributions you made to IRAs or other retirement plans
    • Records for what you paid in mortgage interest,  real estate and personal property tax
    • Closing documents (such as HUD statement) for a home you purchased in 2013
    • Income & expense records for work you performed (not already shown on a W-2 or 1099)
    • Records of other income and expenses (rental income and expenses, jury duty, gambling, hobby, alimony income, etc.)
    • The date you purchased and your total investment in any stocks or other property you sold
    • Expenses related to your investments
    • Amounts donated to houses of worship, schools, or other charitable organizations
    • Records of non cash charitable donations
    • Number of miles you drove for charitable purposes
    • Number of miles you drove for medical purposes, and amounts paid to healthcare (insurance, doctors, dentists, hospitals, etc.)
    • Records for childcare and higher education costs
    • Employment-related expenses (dues, travel, publications, tools, uniforms, uniform cleaning, etc.)
    • Job search expenses and unemployment income, if applicable
    • Records for HSA contributions, alimony paid, moving expenses and student loan interest

Some of these documents and forms may not be things that apply to you, so to keep yourself on track, consider making your own custom checklist at

We hope you get some money back!

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