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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Grad Gifts For Her

Graduation is still around the corner for a lot of you and we know that there is one thing you're looking forward to besides the diploma---the grad gifts! While money is the quickest and easiest form of a gift, consider being a little sentimental by investing in a special or practical gift. Here are some of our faves:

This Shop Dandy monogrammed acrylic jewelry tray is perfect for adding some personalization in your dorm room or apartment and also keeping your jewelry nice and neat!

Tory Burch's Kerrington Square Tote is the cutest little bag to help carry books around campus or to simply look cute walking down the street!

Bauble Bar teamed up with FRENDS to provide the cutest pair of headphones + earrings. The headphones are embellished to perfection via Bauble Bar so you can look super chic and trendy while you're walking around campus or around town listening to music. On the flip side, you can change out the headphone caps to have a more simple style. Super cool!

These Warby Parker glasses are the cutest things ever and will make the grad look extra studious while study for those college final exams.

You can never go wrong gifted makeup because it will always come in handy. We are currently loving tarte's 6 piece makeup bag equipped with makeup brushes, mascara, blush, eyeshadows, and more!

There will be several moments post graduation where the graduate will have to get into business casual attire for a meeting, internship, or interview. This pink  'Molly' blazer from TOPSHOP is just the perfect gift to be worn for any professional occasion.

Do you have some favorites??

Monday, May 18, 2015

Our Top 8 Favorite Grad Cap Designs

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

We want to start off by congratulating the Class of 2015! We remember our graduations like it was yesterday and just can't believe how quickly time has passed. One of our favorite moments during graduation prep was decorating our graduation caps so we have really enjoyed seeing all of your fun designs. Above are our top eight (8) favorite grad cap designs thus far! These caps are the perfect ones to draw inspiration from as you start to make yours for your graduation. Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics are the best places to pick up arts & crafts stuff. You can never go wrong ordering Swarovski crystals to bling out your cap and make it really stand out in the crowd. Whatever you do, make it special and unique, just like you!

Congrats grads!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Graduation Gift Guide of 2014

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

It's Graduation time!  Whether your friend or family member is graduating, we've put together a little graduation gift guide of 2014 for your graduate! 

For the Graduate that's taking the Summer to travel, The New York Times recently released a book for the must-sees of United States & Canada and Europe in 36 hours!  They list everything from weird museums to fun amusement parks- basically everything and anything you want to and can do in 36 hours!

One of our newest obsessions is the Stila "Stay-All-Day" Beauty Balm!   It's perfect for that new Graduate with a full-time job that has to wear the same make up that you applied 9 hours ago.  It's a perfect primer that also contains SPF for sun screen and it's also amazing for your skin!

What else would you add on our Graduation Gift Guide of 2014?

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Working Girl's Wardrobe Staples

With summer peeking right around the corner, that means a few things:  graduation, internships, and job interviews.  Before you land that awesome internship, you will want to "wow" them with your fabulous resume... but dressing the part certainly doesn't hurt either.

So, how exactly does one dress for success?  In a laid-back or creative workplace, the fine line between "business casual" and inappropriate may be tricky for those who are uncertain.  In a more formal office, professional attire is a must at all times.  No matter how you slice it, some general rules of thumb should be taken into consideration:

  • Too short?  Too tight?  If you're questioning it, then pass.
  • Necklines: the best amount of cleavage is no cleavage.  Do you have to adjust the shirt (i.e. pull it up so it's not too low)?  If the answer is yes, change your top.
  • Wear conservative & classy heels.  Save your platform booties for Friday night.
  • Look polished, but not "made up".  Keep makeup and hair natural & fresh.
  • Save the heavy perfumes for your personal time.  It's considerate to keep fragrance to a minimum in the workplace, to be mindful of those with allergies.

As 20-somethings ourselves, we had to make the transition from fun "party clothes" to "professional clothes" once we graduated college.  Yes, our wardrobes underwent the big girl makeover.  Yet knowing the right key pieces to purchase makes the process easier on both you & your wallet!  Here's a few of our favorite essentials:
  • Classy pumps.  Choose a closed toe style, in either nude or black.  The heel should not be too high, and there should be no platform beneath the toe.  We love {these} from BCBGeneration!
  • Black dress pants.  These should hit at your waist, and not fit too tight.  Your first pair should be seasonless; do not pick a fabric like wool or linen.  Get something you can wear year round!
  • A black blazer.  Bonus points if this matches your black pants... you have a suit!  A blazer can be paired with anything; from shift dresses to jeans on casual Friday.
  • Button down shirts.  Get the basic colors first: white, black, and blue or grey.  From there, feel free to add in some fun color or patterned options!  Make sure that the shirt buttons all the way up without "pulling" anywhere-- in which case, it's too tight.  Move your arms and "hug" your body when trying them on.  Can you move easily?  If it's too stiff, go up a size.  The Portofino Shirt from Express is one of our favorites!
  • A pencil skirt.  Choose a staple color for your first one: black, grey, or navy.  The skirt should hit just below the knee, and you should be able to move easily in it.
  • A polished handbag.  Find a handbag that has clean & timeless lines.  A structured bag is always a great choice!  Find a color that compliments your work wardrobe.  You can't go wrong with black or tan, but don't be afraid to try a color such as cobalt blue!  We love {this} one from Michael Kors!
  • A shift dress.  The idea is something that "fits" without being too revealing or too fitted.  Consider something with a high neckline, for lots of versatility.  Calvin Klein makes great work dresses, and they often times can be found at discount stores! 
With the right pieces, you can mix & match each day!  Trust us-- investing in a few timeless staple items is worth your while.  We even shop at places like TJ Maxx to find office appropriate pieces for a great price!  From there, you can add on to your "working girl" wardrobe in the years to come.  It's best to look polished, and feel comfortable in the clothing you wear.  After all, the right attire helps you to exude confidence!

Friday, May 31, 2013

The Little Black Book

We have a secret and it's found in a little black book.....With graduations going on and people venturing out into the "big girl" world, Karen wanted to share one of her favorite books that focuses on making rich relationships while networking in the business world. Ever had a little black book? Usually little black books are filled with powerful and secretive contacts and connections. The Little Black Book of Connections: 6.5 Assets for Networking Your Way to Rich Relationships is your powerful guide to networking and connecting your way to success! The author is one of the country's best sales trainers by the name of Jeffrey Gitomer, and the book is filled with valuable information like:

  • how you can climb the ladder without stepping (or crawling) on other people's backs.
  • how to earn the respect of a powerful mentor without begging.
  • the power of being in the same room with powerful people.
  • how to say the right things to the right people in the right circumstances to make the right impression.
  • how to maximize your connections so that they benefit from you -- and more important, how you benefit from them.
and so much more!

You really can't put The Little Black Book down! Perfect for a summer read. It is witty and filled with graphics that make the message and content fun and easy to read. If you want to be in on the secrets, check this book out!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Graduation Pictures 101

Graduation season is here and it's time to put on our caps & gowns and take those pictures that we send to all of our relatives!  We have done quite a few photo shoots for TSS and some of us have also shot graduation pictures for others so we decided to compile our favorite photo shoot tips so you have a list of guidelines to refer to when you take your graduation pictures!

1. The Less Outfit, the Better: Typically you pay a photographer per hour/photo edits which means that even if you shoot in 10 different outfits, you will probably only get about 3 photos with different outfits on.  Pick your absolutely favorite outfits so you get more pictures in those outfits rather than other outfits that you don't care for as much!

2. K.I.S.S. Keep it Solid & Simple- Solid colored outfits turn out cleaner in photos than a patterned outfit.  Don't choose an outfit that is going to take the attention away from you, the grad. 

3. Simple Jewelry, too!- Along with Tip #2, keep your jewelry simple as well.  Don't be gaudy and wear chunky jewelry- remember the subject of the photo is Y O U.

4. Check Out the Photog's Previous Work- Different photographers have different style.  The angles, filters, and edits- these are all things that can change the appearance of your graduation pictures.  If you like a certain look and style, make sure your photographer has the same!

5. Freelancers>Studio- This is just TSS' personal opinion but we prefer freelancers over studio photographers.  Freelancers tend to take more time and effort into making your photographs extra perfect.  Freelancers are also not as busy as studio photographers so changes and accommodations are a lot easier.

6. Natural Make Up- People tend to say to wear more make up when taking photographs, but don't get that mistaken with an extra line of eyeliner or go for the "smokey eye" look all of a sudden.  Keep it natural, wear your make up how you typically would wear it.  People are going to want to recognize you in your graduation pictures- not mistake you from a heavy shadowed high couture runway model.

7. Bring Powder & Blush- Pretty self-explanatory. If you're going to bring touch-up make up, don't you dare forget your pretty pink blush and powder!

8. Get a Fresh Mani & Pedi- You might think your nail polish doesn't matter, but well... they do!  You use your hands a lot when modeling and if you have chipped nail polish- shame on you! A perfectly coated nail polish will stand out less than a chipped nail polish so make sure to have a fresh mani & pedi!

9. Bring Someone with You-  Your photographer's opinion might be different than your girlfriends'.  If your hair is messed up, your photographer isn't going to know any better how you typically wear your hair- so that's when a best friend comes in handy!  Bring a friend or two to help out with the shoot but also throw out some opinions and to make sure that you look your very best and make you feel comfortable!

10. Take Pictures Early in the Morning or Later Afternoon- These are typically the perfect time because it's starting to get bright or it's about to get dark.  Too much sunshine could ruin a picture because of the harsh lighting so you want it when it's a bit bright.

These pictures are going to be with your relatives and family forever so make sure that you use these tips when you take your graduation pictures to have it extra perfect!  Mention us on Instagram so we can see your graduation pictures!  @thesororitysecrets

Congrats, Graduates!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Top Picks: Graduation Dress Special

It's that time of the year... time to send off our seniors!  With graduation right around the corner, we know what's on all of our seniors' minds (well, besides landing the dream job), and it's what to wear to celebrate your graduation in style.  Think lots of pictures, lots of family, and many dear friends.  You want to look and feel like the classy, post-college young woman that you are, ready to take on the world.  Such a grown-up young lady that you have become (as our parents would say)!

That being said, we hand-picked some of our favorite selections for you.  Mom & Dad will love seeing you in a sophisticated style, with a conservative touch.  A more conservative dress does not mean that you have to sacrifice style, as our selections show.  Bright colors and feminine details are everywhere in our picks.  Oh and did we mention- they're all under $200!  After all, you just graduated college, there's no need to break the bank.  These dresses are versatile enough that you could even re-wear one later on as well.  Hello, summer parties and weddings!

Class of 2013, you did it!  May the beginning of your career as a college graduate kick off in tip-top TSS style!
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