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Thursday, October 22, 2015

What Every Internship Can Teach You

Having an internship during college is really important in so many different aspects!  Of course it can help you get a job after college, but it can really teach you a whole lot- about yourself, the industry you're interested in, and so much more!  We've had our fair share with being an intern and even having an intern, so here's what we have to say about it:

1. What it's REALLY like
We all have our dream job that we dream about and think it's all glitz & glam, but you'll never know what it's REALLY like until you step foot in it.  There's always so much more work that goes into everything that you don't realize until being an intern.  Having an internship can really help you decide whether you want to go into a particular industry after college.

2. Professionalism
Corporate or not, in every internship you'll learn all about being professional.  You probably think you already know what it means to be professional, but once you get comfortable in your environment, that goes out the window.  An internship will really teach you what it means to be professional and how much it matters in your every day life once you graduate from college and real-life becomes a reality!

3. Being punctual is EXTREMELY important
There's no such thing as being late in an internship, because every boss keeps track of how often you're late to the office.  Being punctual isn't just about being late, it shows a lot about someone.  Make sure you're always punctual to everything & anything.

4. Social Media
In our minds, a post is just a post to share to all of our friends/followers, but to your future boss... that's another story.  Companies are now looking at their potential intern/employee's social media as a portfolio or to get a good feel of that person- it's not just to seek out bad behavior, but whether you're really suitable for that job or not.  Think twice about what you post on social media next time!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Surviving Summer Internships

Yay, you got an internship! Finding a summer internship is hard enough, but now, you have got to show up! Summer can offer a lot of distractions, one of which is escaping the J-O-B to catch the summer rays. But, don't lose your motivation during your internship. Here are some ways to help you survive your summer internship:

  • Make a summer playlist like the one we created here! Listen to it while your working to help pass the time. You know, whistle while you work.
  • Make a work "to-do" list. Staying on track keeps you more intentional at work.
  • Schedule fun lunch breaks with friends. Just because you're at work doesn't mean you can't escape for a bit. Choose a new lunch spot every time or a new co worker to sit with and get to know a little better.
  • Shop for awesome outfits and stunt at work. Going to work feeling like you look like a million bucks make a big difference! 
  • Schedule interviews and one-on-ones with Big WIGs in the office. A Big WIG is someone who has a very important role in the company or who is in a different position from you that you can stand to learn a thing or two from them. 
  • Most importantly, come with a positive attitude. When you have a positive, happy, and grateful mindset, work doesn't feel like work.
Good luck!

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Working Girl's Wardrobe Staples

With summer peeking right around the corner, that means a few things:  graduation, internships, and job interviews.  Before you land that awesome internship, you will want to "wow" them with your fabulous resume... but dressing the part certainly doesn't hurt either.

So, how exactly does one dress for success?  In a laid-back or creative workplace, the fine line between "business casual" and inappropriate may be tricky for those who are uncertain.  In a more formal office, professional attire is a must at all times.  No matter how you slice it, some general rules of thumb should be taken into consideration:

  • Too short?  Too tight?  If you're questioning it, then pass.
  • Necklines: the best amount of cleavage is no cleavage.  Do you have to adjust the shirt (i.e. pull it up so it's not too low)?  If the answer is yes, change your top.
  • Wear conservative & classy heels.  Save your platform booties for Friday night.
  • Look polished, but not "made up".  Keep makeup and hair natural & fresh.
  • Save the heavy perfumes for your personal time.  It's considerate to keep fragrance to a minimum in the workplace, to be mindful of those with allergies.

As 20-somethings ourselves, we had to make the transition from fun "party clothes" to "professional clothes" once we graduated college.  Yes, our wardrobes underwent the big girl makeover.  Yet knowing the right key pieces to purchase makes the process easier on both you & your wallet!  Here's a few of our favorite essentials:
  • Classy pumps.  Choose a closed toe style, in either nude or black.  The heel should not be too high, and there should be no platform beneath the toe.  We love {these} from BCBGeneration!
  • Black dress pants.  These should hit at your waist, and not fit too tight.  Your first pair should be seasonless; do not pick a fabric like wool or linen.  Get something you can wear year round!
  • A black blazer.  Bonus points if this matches your black pants... you have a suit!  A blazer can be paired with anything; from shift dresses to jeans on casual Friday.
  • Button down shirts.  Get the basic colors first: white, black, and blue or grey.  From there, feel free to add in some fun color or patterned options!  Make sure that the shirt buttons all the way up without "pulling" anywhere-- in which case, it's too tight.  Move your arms and "hug" your body when trying them on.  Can you move easily?  If it's too stiff, go up a size.  The Portofino Shirt from Express is one of our favorites!
  • A pencil skirt.  Choose a staple color for your first one: black, grey, or navy.  The skirt should hit just below the knee, and you should be able to move easily in it.
  • A polished handbag.  Find a handbag that has clean & timeless lines.  A structured bag is always a great choice!  Find a color that compliments your work wardrobe.  You can't go wrong with black or tan, but don't be afraid to try a color such as cobalt blue!  We love {this} one from Michael Kors!
  • A shift dress.  The idea is something that "fits" without being too revealing or too fitted.  Consider something with a high neckline, for lots of versatility.  Calvin Klein makes great work dresses, and they often times can be found at discount stores! 
With the right pieces, you can mix & match each day!  Trust us-- investing in a few timeless staple items is worth your while.  We even shop at places like TJ Maxx to find office appropriate pieces for a great price!  From there, you can add on to your "working girl" wardrobe in the years to come.  It's best to look polished, and feel comfortable in the clothing you wear.  After all, the right attire helps you to exude confidence!
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