Friday, May 3, 2013

Top Picks: Graduation Dress Special

It's that time of the year... time to send off our seniors!  With graduation right around the corner, we know what's on all of our seniors' minds (well, besides landing the dream job), and it's what to wear to celebrate your graduation in style.  Think lots of pictures, lots of family, and many dear friends.  You want to look and feel like the classy, post-college young woman that you are, ready to take on the world.  Such a grown-up young lady that you have become (as our parents would say)!

That being said, we hand-picked some of our favorite selections for you.  Mom & Dad will love seeing you in a sophisticated style, with a conservative touch.  A more conservative dress does not mean that you have to sacrifice style, as our selections show.  Bright colors and feminine details are everywhere in our picks.  Oh and did we mention- they're all under $200!  After all, you just graduated college, there's no need to break the bank.  These dresses are versatile enough that you could even re-wear one later on as well.  Hello, summer parties and weddings!

Class of 2013, you did it!  May the beginning of your career as a college graduate kick off in tip-top TSS style!

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