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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why You Should Do Spring Recruitment

So you have survived the first semester or two quarters of college and you can't help but feel a little left out in the social scene. Every day on campus you see groups of girls wearing their letters on cute tees and they look like they're the ultimate besties. You want in but you're just not sure if the "sorority thing" is for you.

Does the above scenario sound like you or someone you know? Well, stop second guessing yourself. Spring Recruitment could quite possibly be the best college decision you make. Here is why:

  1. It's never too late to make new friends. New sisters? EVEN BETTER!
  2. Spring Recruitment is usually less stressful than the first recruitment earlier in the school year because it's less girls going through.
  3. With the whole rest of the school year ahead, there is still time to participate in the fun, warmer activities in the spring like philanthropies and date parties. 
  4. Sick of your dorm room? Find a new place to stay in your sorority house once you complete spring recruitment and get initiated.
  5. You will join just in time to be able to be on the other end of it all as you prepare in the summer to welcome even more sisters with recruitment! Participating in recruitment is the best and most rewarding sorority experience. You could even qualify to be a Recruitment Counselor!
  6. You finally get to wear your letters on a cute tee ;-)
Good luck with Spring Recruitment and if you have any questions, leave us a comment below!

Monday, March 2, 2015

5 College Resources You Should Take Advantage Of

Leverage leverage leverage. That's how you can make the most out of your college experience POST college. We have been a mentor to many of our younger sorority sisters that we wanted to provide you with some tips we learned along the way in college to help you succeed. These 5 resources can really help you advice in the work life post college:

  1. Locate your school's jobs and internship website and search for jobs and internships fitting to your interests. For us at Arizona State University, we had Sun Devil Career Link and it allowed us to type in keywords and internships and jobs fitting to those key words would pop up!
  2. Engage your counselor! They are getting paid to fully help you so take advantage! Bonus: try to find a counselor from the Business School. Use them to review your résumé and keep you in the know of important on campus events.
  3. Speaking of events, find out when your school's Career Fair is and go! It's all about putting yourself out there and networking.
  4. Talk to upperclassmen. They know the ropes and can really guide you down a more smooth path in college. 
  5. If you're in a sorority, engage your Educational Chairwoman and committee. This was one of the best parts of being in a sorority because so many of our sisters had helpful study guides or old books they didn't mind passing down. If you're not in a sorority, locate study groups; they're so helpful especially when prepping for a major test.
Good luck and make the best out of your college experience! 
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