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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

5 Things That Can Make Your Basic Outfit, Not-So-Basic

If you're more of a minimalist like us and like your basic tees and jeans we have five things we always wear to still stand out wearing a basic outfit!  It's pretty amazing what one thing can do to your entire outfit.  We believe in the term, "less is more", so we thinking keeping it simple is better, but you can always spruce things up!  Here is our list of items that can make your outfit stand out from the crowd!

  1. Lipstick - it's pretty amazing what a simple lip color can do to your entire outfit.  Maybe match a black turtleneck and skinny jeans with a red lip?! So simple, but so cute!
  2. Hats - hats can really make you stand out from the crowd.  If you're not really a hat person, just try it out for a day and we promise you're going to be getting tons of compliments left & right!
  3. Your Hair-do - if you always wear your hair down, wear it in a cute ponytail or vise versa!  We love a basic outfit with a cute messy bun, pony tail, or even wear it in a braid.  The point of this is switch it up from your usual and it can really make a difference!
  4. Shoes - yes, shoes are a girls favorite thing, but just by switching it up and wearing converses or even heels with a basic outfit it spruces things up!
  5. Jewelry - now again, since you are wearing a simple outfit, you can go either way with your jewelry! You can keep it simple or you can wear something more detailed- that's the best part about wearing simple outfits!
What are some of your favorite ways to spruce up your basic outfits??

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 Best Hair Tutorials

All we have to say is thank God for YouTube and Instagram! They've literally saved our hair days with awesome tutorials for just about all kinds of hair. From cute braided hairstyles to updos, we have come across some of the cutest and simplest hairstyles. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite hair tutorials we have come across so view our favorite five (5) below!

Tutorial 1:  Messy French Twist -

Tutorial 2: Side Pony French Braid -

Tutorial 3: Floating Fishtail Mermaid Braid -

Tutorial 4: Easier Than It Looks Updo -

Tutorial 5: Extravagant Faux Updo -

Do you have a favorite hair tutorial that we should know about? Share the link in the comments below!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Best Hair Moisturizer

It doesn't matter if you have long straight hair or a beautiful fro, we have found the perfect hair moisturizer that will do miracles to your hair and it's called Hawaiian Silky by Miracle Worker! It's under $20 and we know for sure you can get it at Sally Beauty Supply. Why do we love it? It offers 14 things in 1 big bottle.

  1. No drip activator
  2. Moisturizes hair
  3. Defines curls
  4. Softens hair
  5. Adds shine
  6. Soothes dry scalp
  7. Reduces breakage & strengthens 
  8. For healthy weaves & braids
  9. Repairs chemically damaged hair
  10. Non-greasy
  11. Detangles
  12. Increases body 
  13. Thermal protection
  14. Helps relieve burning sensation
Co Founder Karen loves this stuff and says it makes her scalp "feel so good"!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Must-Have Hair Tools

There are just certain hair items every girl should own because it makes that special time in front of the mirror getting all dolled up so much more smooth. Discovering the stand up hair blow dryer to keep at home has saved us time from having to go to the salon for a good blow dry. Target or Sally's Beauty Supply have some pretty affordable stand up hair blow dryers. Having a hand hair blow dryer is a must too and having a diffuser attached to it is essential to really dry the roots of your hair. We are always fans of Chi Products so we recommend their hair blow dryers with the diffuser tip though we are interested in trying the Kardashian Beauty Premium Finish Hair Dryer. Other Must-Have Hair Tools include:
  • Curling Iron Holder-protect your curling iron, especially when you're traveling. Not to mention, we all have those days where we are quickly rushing out the door and don't want to leave the hot curling iron chilling on the counter!
  • Hot Roller Set- For those days you need a quick overnight curl!
  • Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool- Okay, so this isn't necessarily a tool for your hair, but it picks up your hair from the floor and carpet. So essential!
  • Personal Hair Organizer- Save time scrambling for all of your hair tools and keep them in one place with this personal hair organizer!
  • lastly, you can't go too far without a hair tool set featuring various combs and clips! Check out the T3 Smooth Operator Hair Tool Set. They have all of that!
What are some must-have hair tools that we have missed? Share with us below!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Top 10 Time-Saving Beauty Hacks

Every girl has a few beauty hacks in her arsenal.  They make our lives (and getting ready) easier, faster, and often times help us to save money as well!  But, a few new tricks are always welcome!  Here are a few of our favorite beauty hacks, that we have grown to love & swear by.

1. Dry Shampoo at night
Dry shampoo is one of THE BEST discoveries of all time.  Why bother washing your hair, when a few sprays of dry shampoo can revive yesterday's good hair day?!  Instead of applying dry shampoo in the morning, spray it on at night.  This allows the product to "work" its way into your hair.  By the morning, the white or dull spots left from dry shampoo will be less visible.  Your hair will feel volumized and ready to go!  {try this: Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo}

2. Whiten Teeth for pennies
Swishing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide (the kind in the brown bottle) not only helps with gingivitis and to freshen breath, but it whitens too!  Pour the solution into the cap, and apply several generous coats with a Q-Tip.  Allow it to bubble for a few minutes, then swish another capful in your mouth for about one minute.  Spit and rinse.  Add this routine 1-2 times a day, and you'll notice results before you know it!  Make sure to not swallow hydrogen peroxide, and ask your dentist for any concerns before starting.  It also is a great supplement to your whitening routine, in between using a product like Crest Whitestrips.  {try this: Hydrogen Peroxide}

3. Tame Frizz & Flyaways on the go
Notice a little flyaway or frizz while you're out & about?  Dab a tiny bit of hand lotion into your hands, and use it to tame the problem area.  Only a little bit will do the trick, start small!  Too much will leave your hair feeling greasy, but a small amount will work just right.  Do a tiny amount, and add more if needed.  {try this: EOS Travel Size Hand Lotion}

4. Set Brows in place
Are your eyebrows looking a little frazzled, in need of something to hold them in place?  Grab an old toothbrush or a clean mascara wand, and mist it with hairspray.  Gently comb brows into place.  {try this: Big Sexy Hairspray}

5. Pick up loose glitter (or fallen eyeshadow)
If some of your eye makeup fell onto your cheek, have no fear!  Get a piece of transparent tape, and use it to pick up the fallen flecks of glitter or eyeshadow.  Much better than attempting to smear it across your face!  {try this: Scotch Magic Tape}

6. Polish jewelry in a snap
Do your rings need a little extra sparkle?  Silver necklace looking a little dull?  Just grab an old toothbrush, and a few common items to have them shine in no time.  Toothpaste helps to clean sterling silver, and dish detergent adds sparkle back to gemstones.  Be sure to clean underneath gemstones and precious stones to get the sparkle from the back side as well.  {try this: Dawn Ultra Platinum Dishwashing Liquid}

7. Ban the grease monkey
Is your hair beyond dry shampoo repair?  Often times, you can freshen the back of you hair with dry shampoo (see tip #1) and just wash the few strands in the front with shampoo.  Pull your hair into a pony, leaving only the very front greasy strands out.  By your sink, wet the front strands only, and apply shampoo.  Wash the shampooed area, and dry with a hairdryer before taking your hair out of the ponytail.

8. Freshen up oil slicks anywhere
If your t-zone is in trouble while you're out & about, go to the nearest public restroom.  Grab a clean toilet seat cover, and use to blot your face just as you would with any other facial blotting paper or rice paper.  It will absorb the oil just the same!

9. Avoid the iron
If that blouse you're planning on wearing today could use some de-wrinkling, you have two time saving options-- and they both don't involve an iron or a steamer.  If you notice the wrinkles the night before you wear the item, hang it in your shower and lightly mist it with Downy Wrinkle Releaser.  By the morning, your clothing will be dry and ready to wear!  If you notice the wrinkles as you're running out the door, a warm flatiron (super hot isn't needed) can smooth out any offenders.  Make sure the item you're running the flatiron over is iron-able first... if it can't be ironed, it can't be flat-ironed either.  {try this: Ultra CHI Flat Iron}

10.  Give your lipstick staying power
Love wearing lipstick, but can't stand how quickly it comes off?  After applying, hold a thin (1-ply preferred) tissue over your pout, and dust with a fluffy brush and translucent powder.  {try this: MAC Prep Prime Transparent Powder}

What are some of your favorite time-saving beauty hacks?  Share with us below!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Heat Wave! 5 Cute & Easy Summer Hairstyles

With summer right around the corner, so are those pesky heat waves. While long, luxurious hair can be a blessing at times, it can also be a huge burden during those scorching or humid summer days. Even if you have shorter hair, these styles will help keep your hair pulled off of your face so you can be as carefree as possible this summer! 

  • The sock bun
    • This is such a sleek way to pull your hair out of your face. It takes only a few seconds and looks beautifully polished
  • Fishtail braid
    • The fishtail braid is a twist on the classic braid that’s perfect for unruly summer hair.
  • Messy top knot
    • This is a classic. Take two seconds to pull your hair on the top of your head into a chic yet messy top knot.
  • Beachy waves
    • Let the heat do all the work! Let your hair air-dry after spraying texturizing spray in it for some beach-worthy waves.
  • Miley-worthy double buns!
    • Rock Miley’s signature double top knots for a playful, easy hair style! 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How To Curl Your Hair With a Straightener

Ok, so for the longest time we have been wondering how exactly you can get awesome curls using a straightener. We are totally old school in our techniques so we have always resorted to traditional curling irons because they're so straight forward. We even have gone the route of the Magic Wand, but there has still been something so intriguing about a regular old straightener. So we watched our friends, took notes and tried it out ourselves and we are hooked now! Here's a little step-by-step for you to try it out yourself!

Step 1: Section off a small piece of your hair with your fingers or a small comb.

Step 2: Hold your strand of sectioned off hair in one hand and with the other hand clamp your straightener (facing toward you) at the top of the sectioned off hair.

Step 3: Proceed to twist your hair around the straightener as you glide the straightener down your strand of hair.

Step 4: Release the straightener and admire your pretty, wavy curl! Repeat until your whole hair is looking curly and glamorous!

Bonus: Run a comb through your curls for a soft, calm curly look!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beach Waves Hair Tutorial {by, Maddie}

Stick straight hair can be both a blessing and a curse; it’s easy to manage on a daily basis, but it can look a little flat sometimes. I’ve always loved that beachy hair look (a-la-Olsen twins), but spraying salt water and scrunching my hair does absolutely nothing! Here are my tips for achieving that look that will work if your hair is straight or stubborn.


  • Heat protectant

  • 1 inch Curling iron or rod

  • Hairspray

  • Pomade


1. First, spray the heat protectant on your dry hair and let it fully sink in. Don’t skip this step! We don’t want to compromise the health of your hair with hot tools.

2. Start taking pieces of your hair and wrapping them around the curling iron, wrapping them away from your face.

3. Once you’ve finished your whole head, shake the curls out a little with your hands. Some girls might like this look the way it is, but I like to quickly run a flat iron over some of the really bouncy pieces to get that true “I just went surfing” look.

(TIP: I spray hair protectant over my hair again before straightening just to play it safe)

4. Time for hairspray! If you have pomade, you can also put rub some between your hands and just apply it to random ends of your hair for a piece-y look.
Enjoy your beach waves!

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Hair Products You Won't Be Able to Live Without!

If you’re anything like me, you need to have one of every hair tool/styling product out there. I need a curler, a flat iron, a blow dryer, a wide barreled crimper, and various products ranging from heat protectants, hair masks, frizz fighters, and everything in between. Being a college student, money isn’t always flowing so I’d prefer to make an investment that will give me the best for my bucks and that will last a long time; with that in mind, I thought I would share a few of my most essential picks!

If I go on a trip anywhere, no matter how short or long, this guy comes with me. Not only is it slim and easily packed into a suitcase or duffle bag, but it also creates a wide range of styles. If I need to travel light and can’t bring my wand, I know I can count on my iron to achieve curls, waves, or totally flat hair!

If you want the most for your money for the perfect wand, this is where you can find it. This wand is unique because it comes with 4 barrels in different diameters so you can have perfect curls of any size. It heats up quickly and is easy to use with arrows that allow you to select your desired temperature. Plus, it works pretty quickly, too. It’s a high quality hair styling tool with ceramic ionic barrels that won't make your poor ends feel dried out and crusty. Finally, with the interchangeable heads the wand comes apart and can be easily stowed in a small makeup bag. What more could you want?

This one is a little more expensive, but I promise it’s worth every penny. As much as I try to reduce styling my hair and causing heat damage, from sorority socials to philanthropies and work, I find myself having to style my hair every day!  Just 20 minutes of this amazing protein masque- it leaves my hair feeling so much more alive.  The only thing you need to be careful of when using this product is not to leave it in for too long. I tend to leave masques on my hair longer than necessary to maximize the effect, but with a protein masque too much protein can have a reverse effect and make your hair brittle. Overall, this product is amazing and it's definitely worth a try!

     Every girl needs a blow dryer- Most of us women live life on the go, and many of us are always in a rush. When I say I’ll be there in 5 minutes, it means I’m still tugging my iron through my hair one more time and making sure my eyelashes are evenly coated with mascara. The great thing about the FHI Heat is that it significantly reduces drying time, even for those of us with very thick hair. But my absolute favorite part of the FHI Heat is that it comes in pink

      Can you tell I have a slight obsession with Sedu? You probably will too after you try it!  This treatment acts as a heat protectant, moisturizer, and anti frizzing agent. You may have heard of putting Argan oil in your hair for moisture and shine- well this product has it all. I use it before any kind of heat styling, and sometimes just to reduce frizz. The serum is easy to distribute through your hair and makes styling a breeze. Additionally, while the bottles aren’t cheap, one lasts a long time and a little bit of oil goes a long way.

      Happy Styling, everyone!

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