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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

5 Best Hair Tutorials

All we have to say is thank God for YouTube and Instagram! They've literally saved our hair days with awesome tutorials for just about all kinds of hair. From cute braided hairstyles to updos, we have come across some of the cutest and simplest hairstyles. We wanted to share with you some of our favorite hair tutorials we have come across so view our favorite five (5) below!

Tutorial 1:  Messy French Twist -

Tutorial 2: Side Pony French Braid -

Tutorial 3: Floating Fishtail Mermaid Braid -

Tutorial 4: Easier Than It Looks Updo -

Tutorial 5: Extravagant Faux Updo -

Do you have a favorite hair tutorial that we should know about? Share the link in the comments below!

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Best Hair Moisturizer

It doesn't matter if you have long straight hair or a beautiful fro, we have found the perfect hair moisturizer that will do miracles to your hair and it's called Hawaiian Silky by Miracle Worker! It's under $20 and we know for sure you can get it at Sally Beauty Supply. Why do we love it? It offers 14 things in 1 big bottle.

  1. No drip activator
  2. Moisturizes hair
  3. Defines curls
  4. Softens hair
  5. Adds shine
  6. Soothes dry scalp
  7. Reduces breakage & strengthens 
  8. For healthy weaves & braids
  9. Repairs chemically damaged hair
  10. Non-greasy
  11. Detangles
  12. Increases body 
  13. Thermal protection
  14. Helps relieve burning sensation
Co Founder Karen loves this stuff and says it makes her scalp "feel so good"!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Must-Have Hair Tools

There are just certain hair items every girl should own because it makes that special time in front of the mirror getting all dolled up so much more smooth. Discovering the stand up hair blow dryer to keep at home has saved us time from having to go to the salon for a good blow dry. Target or Sally's Beauty Supply have some pretty affordable stand up hair blow dryers. Having a hand hair blow dryer is a must too and having a diffuser attached to it is essential to really dry the roots of your hair. We are always fans of Chi Products so we recommend their hair blow dryers with the diffuser tip though we are interested in trying the Kardashian Beauty Premium Finish Hair Dryer. Other Must-Have Hair Tools include:
  • Curling Iron Holder-protect your curling iron, especially when you're traveling. Not to mention, we all have those days where we are quickly rushing out the door and don't want to leave the hot curling iron chilling on the counter!
  • Hot Roller Set- For those days you need a quick overnight curl!
  • Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool- Okay, so this isn't necessarily a tool for your hair, but it picks up your hair from the floor and carpet. So essential!
  • Personal Hair Organizer- Save time scrambling for all of your hair tools and keep them in one place with this personal hair organizer!
  • lastly, you can't go too far without a hair tool set featuring various combs and clips! Check out the T3 Smooth Operator Hair Tool Set. They have all of that!
What are some must-have hair tools that we have missed? Share with us below!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

8 Celebrity Inspired Hair Styles For the Holidays

Need some hair inspiration for this holiday season? Well, we do too so we took to the internet to stalk some of our favorite celebs and peep some of their cutest hair styles. We have come up with a few of our favorites to consider for all of the holiday parties and festivities coming up. We are really torn between having our hair down like Blake Lively's perfect side Hollywood Glam side wave or having it in a classic, messy side bun like Jennifer Lawrence's. We all wish we could pull off the infamous Solange natural afro look, but we will keep dreaming! The secret to holiday hair maintenance is going to be lots of hair spray so stock up here! Which look is your favorite?
  1. Solange Knowles - The Afro
  2. Blake Lively - Deep Side Part Hollywood Glam
  3. Julianne Hough - Messy Up-do with Hair Band
  4. Naya Rivera - Side Part 3 Barrel Crimp
  5. Kim Kardashian - Middle Part Ponytail
  6. Jennifer Lawrence - Messy Low Bun
  7. Selena Gomez - Middle Part Messy Fishtail Braid
  8. Dianna Agron - Fishtail Milkmaid Braid

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Heat Wave! 5 Cute & Easy Summer Hairstyles

With summer right around the corner, so are those pesky heat waves. While long, luxurious hair can be a blessing at times, it can also be a huge burden during those scorching or humid summer days. Even if you have shorter hair, these styles will help keep your hair pulled off of your face so you can be as carefree as possible this summer! 

  • The sock bun
    • This is such a sleek way to pull your hair out of your face. It takes only a few seconds and looks beautifully polished
  • Fishtail braid
    • The fishtail braid is a twist on the classic braid that’s perfect for unruly summer hair.
  • Messy top knot
    • This is a classic. Take two seconds to pull your hair on the top of your head into a chic yet messy top knot.
  • Beachy waves
    • Let the heat do all the work! Let your hair air-dry after spraying texturizing spray in it for some beach-worthy waves.
  • Miley-worthy double buns!
    • Rock Miley’s signature double top knots for a playful, easy hair style! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

10 Curl Commandments

If there is anyone who knows a thing or two about curls, it is our It Girl, Marisa Simone. Do you want some nice curls? Or better yet, would you like to maintain them? Well, Marisa dishes with us how to maintain perfect curly hair. Just follow her '10 Curl Commandments' and you will be ready to rock some playful curls!

1. Sleep on a satin pillow case
  • It will reduce dryness and breakage and hold some of the moisture in.
2. Detangle to protect your perfect mane
  • Use a wide tooth comb; never a brush.
3. Limit heat use on your hair
  • Heat pulls out moisture from curls, makes them dry and shapeless. 
4. Shampoo less
  • It is not necessary to shampoo your hair every day, try for every other day. 
5. Condition, condition, condition!
  • The curlier the hair, the longer it takes for natural oils to travel from the scalp to the ends. 
6. Style when wet
  • The tamest your hair will ever be is when it is wet. You will have much more control.
7. Read the ingredients of the products you use
  • Limit products with alcohol in them to avoid that crunchy, ramen noodle look!
8. Leave it alone!
  • Towel or blow drying can cause a bigger mess then just letting your hair dry naturally.
9. Make sure to diffuse 
  • If you must blow dry always use a diffuser, the regular nozzle changes your curl pattern. 
10. Love your hair no matter what!
  • We always want what we can’t have, so just think about all the girls out there pining for luscious, curly locks!

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