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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Why Instagram Can Help Your Sorority Recruitment

It's amazing what social media has evolved to these last couple of years.  Sure, there's pros and cons to social media and it can do a lot of damage, but it can also be a great asset to a sorority!  One thing a lot of people haven't considered is that it can help with your sorority's "brand" and it gives a potential new member a glimpse into what it would be like to potentially be in that sorority.  Instead of using social media for internal use, use it for external use as well!

Instagram especially has almost become a portfolio for people, companies, and organizations.  Remember... you also cannot post to post, it must have great authentic, genuine content.  Just remember, before you join a sorority, a potential new member has no idea what it is like to be in a sorority- this is your chance to show a glimpse of it! Here's a list of things you should be posting on your sorority Instagram and why it can help you with recruitment!

1. Events - showcase what kind of events you have and all the fun everyone has hanging out with their sisters.

2. Education - education is an important factor and it's important that your sorority values study time and getting A+ together.  Also, showcase academic achievements and highlight members for their great work!

3. Sisterhood - photos of hanging out at sorority events is great, but it's also important to showcase friendships outside of sorority activities and events.  Again, potential new members have no idea what it's going to be like when they join, so it's important that sisterhood happens on campus & off!

4. Diversity - it's important to make everyone & anyone feel welcomed in your sorority.  Make sure to showcase your diversity in culture & race to feel all potential new member feel like they belong.

5. Post Grad Life - showcasing & highlighting what sisterhood is like or what alum members are up to post graduation is also something that's really appealing for potential new members so they see the benefit in becoming a member after graduation!

Remember, put yourself in their shoes and think what you would have liked to see when joining a sorority.  It's okay to brag about your sorority Instagram account, ladies!

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