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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Meet Maddie!

 On Maddie:  Hat (similar here), Necklace (similar here), Dress (similar here).

2014 is right around the corner, which means that it's almost time to unveil our new 2014 It Girl Team!  Since we're super excited to share our new It Girls with you, we had to give you a little sneak peek.  Meet Maddie, our newest It Girl from San Diego State University!

Maddie is a fun-loving Alpha Chi Omega, in her senior year.  She loves a good Will Ferrell quote, and a good laugh while watching shows like Summer Heights High.  Maddie also enjoys getting artsy and creative... after all, she's an art minor!  Her personal style is part edgy, part bohemian.  Her flowy white dress, metal collar necklace, and floppy hat in these pictures are just adorable!

Welcome to the It Girl team, Maddie!  Are YOU interested in being a TSS It Girl?  Send us your resume {} and tell us a little bit about yourself... we're taking applicants for 2014!  We can't wait to hear from you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Day At The Pumpkin Patch

TSS Readers, meet Maddie... an Alpha Chi Omega from San Diego State University!  Maddie is the newest addition to our It Girl team for 2014.  Want to learn more about her?  Well, you're going to have to wait a little bit-- our new It Girl team will be unveiled soon!  Until then, here's a sneak peek into the life of the newest member of our It Girl family!  Welcome, Maddie!

There’s something magical about fall- the leaves change, the air is crisp, and you can order pumpkin-flavored anything. We don’t exactly get a traditional fall season in San Diego; we’re still wearing flip-flops and going to the beach. But, our sisterhood event at the Pumpkin Station in Del Mar let us pretend! We picked out pumpkins, rode the rides, bought huge buckets of caramel corn, and pet adorable animals. It was a great way to bond with our new members and celebrate this beautiful season.

When we got back to our chapter house, we held a decorating competition- it was so fun to see everyone’s crafty side. We split the girls into teams and gave them supplies to decorate with, including pipe cleaners, pom poms, paint, glitter, and different types of candy.   One team crafted a hilarious witch with hay, a paper hat, and a pickle nose.  Another team did a cute aqua ombre pumpkin using paint and glitter.  All of the pumpkins make a festive addition to the front of our chapter house.

We love the mix of Halloween tradition and glamour on the pumpkin with the jeweled spider on it. Some pumpkin patches sell kits with stick-on jewels, but you can also get large gems and rhinestones from any craft store and hot glue them to your pumpkin!  When you decorate your pumpkins, you can get inspiration from Pinterest, your favorite movies, and even the supplies you have lying around. We had a blast at this sisterhood event! I encourage you to go with your chapter or your friends. Even if you don’t pick a pumpkin, you’ll get loads of great photos together!

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