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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How To Have a Stress-Free Finals Week

Oh the dreaded finals week. We have definitely been there and done that, and trust us, we DON'T miss it. But, for those of you going through it, we wanted to offer some advice on how to have a stress-free finals week.

Step 1: Gather your study guides. 

If your sorority was anything like ours, we had study guides galore so if you're a sorority girl, take advantage of the resources from your sisters. Even if you're not a sorority girl, simply connecting with friends or acquaintances in class who have study guides will be a lifesaver.

Step 2: Pack snacks.

Let's face it, you will be calling the library your home, so grab some Ziplock bags and start loading up on study food. Of course, consider healthy options like carrots, apples with peanut butter, raisins, granola bars, know, the basics. Save the meals for outside of the library or coffee shop to give yourself a little break.

Step 3: Avoid the "party" study table.

You know what we are talking about. You know, the friends who don't really come to the library to study, but to gossip and well, distract YOU. Remove yourself from that scene by either A) Reserving a quiet study room for yourself or B) Reserving a table for a dedicated group of students willing to only study. Truth be told you're going to get side tracked every now and again, but it's better to study with a group willing to get you back on track.

If you feel like you're easily distracted, make a playlist you can study to and plug your headphones in.

Step 4: Take a break.

Do jumping jacks. Play Candy Crush. Lay outside on the lawn. Visit your cafeteria. Do anything BUT study. Give your brain a breather and don't try to cram too many things into it. After all, you're honestly not going to remember it all (though you so desperately want to).

Step 5: Get some shut eye.

While we know those energy drinks and coffee are bound to keep you up, don't fight sleep. Your brain cannot function properly when you're tired so it's pretty much useless trying to stay up studying when chances are you're not going to register everything. At that point you're just a zombie. Go home, give your brain a break as you rest your pretty little head on your pillow and just be sure to set an alarm before so you're ready to attack the studying again first thing in the morning.

Step 6: Accept your best.

The day before your exam, just accept your knowledge base. If you did your study guides and practice quizzes and participated in all the assignments throughout the semester or quarter, then you already know your abilities. Keep in mind that test anxiety is very real and can have an impact on your performance. It does not accurately portray how smart you are. Just try not to sweat about not knowing all of the answers. Just try your hardest and accept your best.

Good luck with finals!

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