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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3 Ways To Let a Guy Know You're Interested

While we are incredibly old-fashioned when it comes to dating, we acknowledge our part as women when it comes to letting a guy know you're interested. We believe that you should let a guy lead, but in order for a guy to make any moves you've got to first make it clear that you are available. Below are three ways to let a guy know you're interested:

  1. Make Eye Contact. Picture yourself in a crowded bar, club, or social scene and you spot a guy you're crushing on. He locks eyes with you but you quickly turn your head or looking away. That is the universal sign for NOT INTERESTED. Don't make that mistake if you're interested, rather, make eye contact for longer than 3 seconds. More likely than that, he will come over.
  2. If He Doesn't Ask For Your Number, Offer Your Number. If you end the night or day clearly liking each other and having things in common, then what's the harm in giving up the digits? Sometimes a guy can be shy about asking for your number in an effort not to be too forward. If that ever happens, show him that you're interested by casually offering to exchange numbers to talk some more. Let your ego go!
  3. If He Calls Or Texts You, Answer The First Time. Playing hard to get when you really like someone is pretty childish. Don't waste time playing games. We all know you're super giddy and excited when you get that first call or text from your crush. Don't be slow to answer. It just slows down the great opportunity of possibly getting to know someone really great for you.
What are some tips you have for letting a guy know you're interested? Share with us in the comments below!
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