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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Things To Do To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Love is always in the air and if you're like us, we really enjoy having some versatility in our relationships when it comes to celebrating anniversaries. Do something fun or out of the box as every milestone in a relationship deserves some attention, right? Below are some of our fave ideas.

  1. Plan a trip out of the country. How fun would it be to make memories in a different country with your beau? Don't fall under the trap of "we can't afford it!" With businesses like Busabout, you can now travel in an affordable way.
  2. Take a cooking class!
  3. Go take a hike - literally! The Grand Canyon or places in Colorado and California are our fave spots to go on an adventurous escapade.
  4. Consider glamping at Joshua Tree.
  5. Take a cruise
Think there's more to add to the list? Leave your suggestions in the comment's section below!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dating Apps - Dos & Donts

We are big fans of dating apps as we have had so many friends find great success with them. We even wrote a post about our favorite dating apps (click here to read it!). On the flip side, dating apps can present some dangers so it's important to keep these three things in mind when meeting anyone you've met via these apps:
  1. Save any texts/emails you've exchanged with the person you're meeting up with. In case anything should happen to you, the police and friends and family can trace you through the text messages.
  2. Don't give out your personal info. We would even go so far as to say don't give out your Instagram or Twitter handle. It's important to keep that personal information under wraps until you really know the person on a deeper level after several dates. Build that trust first!
  3. Meet in a public place. Meeting in a space that is private can pose a lot of risks so be safe and meet in a space where people can see you. This can diminish any funny business!
Just be aware of your surroundings and always consult a friend if ever you feel like removing yourself from an unsafe dating environment.

Have fun!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Online Dating: How Is It?

Well, there is no denying it. Online dating has been taking over as the source of several relationships. We have heard about them all whether it's "swiping to the left or right" with the ever so popular Tinder to Coffee Meets Bagel where you can focus on one profile of someone at a time. Then, of course there are the originals like and Black People Meet and eHarmony where you set up a profile and literally hand pick the types of profiles you want matched with you. Recently we even heard about an app for group dating called "Grouper"--gotta love it! Below are a list of dating apps we have heard through the grapevine. Check them out and weigh in on your experience with any and all of the dating apps by leaving your comment below!
Are we missing any? 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

3 Ways To Let a Guy Know You're Interested

While we are incredibly old-fashioned when it comes to dating, we acknowledge our part as women when it comes to letting a guy know you're interested. We believe that you should let a guy lead, but in order for a guy to make any moves you've got to first make it clear that you are available. Below are three ways to let a guy know you're interested:

  1. Make Eye Contact. Picture yourself in a crowded bar, club, or social scene and you spot a guy you're crushing on. He locks eyes with you but you quickly turn your head or looking away. That is the universal sign for NOT INTERESTED. Don't make that mistake if you're interested, rather, make eye contact for longer than 3 seconds. More likely than that, he will come over.
  2. If He Doesn't Ask For Your Number, Offer Your Number. If you end the night or day clearly liking each other and having things in common, then what's the harm in giving up the digits? Sometimes a guy can be shy about asking for your number in an effort not to be too forward. If that ever happens, show him that you're interested by casually offering to exchange numbers to talk some more. Let your ego go!
  3. If He Calls Or Texts You, Answer The First Time. Playing hard to get when you really like someone is pretty childish. Don't waste time playing games. We all know you're super giddy and excited when you get that first call or text from your crush. Don't be slow to answer. It just slows down the great opportunity of possibly getting to know someone really great for you.
What are some tips you have for letting a guy know you're interested? Share with us in the comments below!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

10 First Date Ideas

We are living in the world of finding dates via apps like Tinder and and as convenient as these avenues of dating are, there is more past the virtual connection that must be established in person. Every season is dating season so why not make your first dates worthwhile? A first date should allow you to really get to know the person a little deeper than the service. We are not huge fans of doing the movies on a first date (or at least ONLY doing that) because it doesn't allow you to actually talk to the person. You're just awkwardly sitting next to a stranger focusing on a big screen. No bueno! We've compiled a list of some awesome first date ideas sure to get you excited about getting to know each other.

From TSS Reader Lillian McCurley (@sillyyyliiilly):

Summer time- stay cool with ice cream and a movie
Fall- pumpkin patch and s'mores
Winter- looking at Christmas lights with hot cocoa
Spring- go star gazing on a cool spring night or have a picnic

Our additions:

  • To lighten the mood, go to an amusement park! 
  • For a little competition consider hitting up the bowling lanes.
  • Happy hours are pretty harmless especially since the food and drinks are usually at a discount. It takes a little bit of the pressure off of the guy (if you're old fashioned and think he should pay) when the bill comes.
  • Depending on how long you've been talking, consider having a duo-cooking dinner at your place, his place, or a cooking class. You'll be talking and working together in the kitchen which is fun and you get to know each other on a different level.
  • Do a beach rendezvous! The calmness of the beach will hopefully calm nerves. Just bring a blanket, a frisbee, and some light food and snacks.
Whatever you decide, always be safe on your first date. Always tell someone when you're going out on a date so that someone can account for you in case anything should go wrong. Have a code with your friends to let them know if things aren't going well and you need to be rescued. If you can, carry pepper spray.

Have fun!
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