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Thursday, April 25, 2013

It Girl Trend Report: Handbag Essentials

All of us girls keep little treasures in our purse that we can't live without.  Hey, who knows what you might need at a moment's notice?  Gotta be prepared!  We talked to our It Girls, and were curious to see what handbag essentials they coveted the most.  Now, for an exclusive peek inside their handbags...

Alyx:  "This is a great hand sanitizer that contains lemon oil.  I also love this small Altoids tin, because it fits in any size purse."

Rachel:  "These are my favorite sunglasses hands down.  I never leave the house without my Ray Ban wayfarers!"

Victoria: "I have so much trust in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics- it was the first makeup I started wearing when I turned 13.  This palette that I keep in my purse is perfect... if you're looking tired, you can use it on your lips and cheeks.  It brightens up your whole look, for effortless beauty!"

Serena: "I chose these because this is my signature bag-- my sisters know me by my bright pink purse.  I always carry lipstick and bobby pins in case of a beauty emergency.  I feel like lipstick can really transform a look.  I try to carry a few different colors so I can pick one suited to the situation-- I usually have a nude, a soft pink, and a statement color.  Right now, I'm really into coral on my lips!  It's really handy when I go out last minute and wanna kick my look up a notch."

Marisa: "I keep my mascara, called Fairy Drops, in my purse.  This mascara has fibers that attach to your eyelashes, which acts like extensions.  Perfect for going out on last minute notice!"

There you have it!  Our It Girls keep their purses stocked with all sorts of things, to be prepared for life as it comes.  What necessity do you keep in your purse at all times?
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