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Monday, November 30, 2015

TSS Favorite Things - November

At the end of every month, we combine all of our favorite items of the month together just to share with our readers.  As most of you guys know, today is none other than Cyber Monday.  For all of you online shoppers, it's almost like our second birthday, right?!

Well we have a little bit of everything this month- some beauty products, shoes, bags, all of our favorite things.  Let's get shopping!

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Cheapest, Cutest Glasses...Like, Ever!

Okay, so we are currently obsessing over this pretty awesome secret steal. It involves the absolute cutest selection of eyeglasses for dirt cheap. We're talking like $6 and up cheap! Where? None other than EyeBuyDirect. We recently got wind of these oh so cute eyeglasses (and sunglasses) over the weekend and we just had to see the site to believe it. With EyeBuyDirect you can shop prescription (yes, we said PRESCRIPTION) glasses online. As the site shares, buying prescription eyeglasses can be an intimidating process. It's expensive, time consuming, and includes a lot of uncertainty. But at EyeBuyDirect, they make buying glasses online easy.

With their helpful tutorial videos that explain everything from buying glasses online to the differences in all their lenses and coatings, they cutout the middlemen to keep their prices low and then deliver your new glasses right to your door.

They offer all the lens and coating options you need with all the styles you want. With over 1,000 frames, they're sure to have the eyeglasses that you need! We really love these Daphne Tortoise Framed eyeglasses and these Nicola glasses are pretty cute too! If you're a sorority girl, then we think you would be obsessed with their Her Crush collection! Their lenses and coatings are customized based on your needs to make your eyeglasses perfect.

Best of all, EyeBuyDirect will give you a full refund if you aren't 100% satisfied.

So grab your prescription from your eye doctor, sign up for EyeBuyDirect, and get yourself some cute prescription eyeglasses.

P.s. We heard through the eyeglasses-vine that if you sign up, you get exclusive coupons sent to you making the eyeglasses even cheaper!

We love it!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Favorite Shades Under $150!

The weather is getting warmer and the sun is shining stronger- it's finally time to get your favorite shades out!  Between all the brands that are out there, it's sometimes hard and difficult to find that perfect pair of sunglasses! We decided to save you the trouble and compiled some of our favorite shades right here on TSS for you!  The best part about it is that they're all under $150!

Check them out!

Monday, July 29, 2013

It Girl Trend Report: My Favorite Sunglasses

We all have those favorite pairs of shades that we always wear in the hot sun. Whether you're at the beach, cruising on the freeway, or taking a stroll around town, your shades are often a style staple and a reflection of you. This week, we asked our It Girls what their favorite sunglasses were and we got exposed to many cool brands to choose from. It was no surprise that half of the girls are obsessed with Ray Bans--we are too! For Victoria, she loves her Ray Bans because "they are very unexpected". "The frame is almost wayfarer style with a fun modern yet old Hollywood twist! The white color attracts attention in the best way! They go with almost anything and never fail to be a fun statement piece for whatever I am wearing". Serena also has a love for the non-traditional Ray Bans as she sports a pretty white-framed Ray Ban style. Serena added, "I picked my white ray bans. I love these because they're an unusual shape so they stand out in a way. Plus, I love how the white looks against my complexion-it accentuates my tan". For Cristina, she opts for the Ray Ban classic aviators which go best with casual outfits. Allie loves her Diane Von Furstenberg sunglasses--we love the square framed lenses that are still trendy right now. 

We don't know about you guys, but as much as we love name brand shades, we always worry about one thing: losing them! Avery understands our fears too and so therefore, one of her major weaknesses is buying cheap pairs of sunglasses that look like the real thing! "My go too cheapy places are Forever 21 (naturally) and Urban Outfitters. I love that I can grab a cute pair, throw them on, and if I lose them, hey, I lose them". Our thoughts exactly! Marisa feels the same way with her cool shades from Nordstrom. "These sunglasses are actually only $10 from Nordstrom in the BP section! They are super cheap and fashionable and I love them".

What are your favorite sunglasses to wear? Let us know by leaving a comment or sharing with us on Instagram: @thesororitysecrets.

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