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Friday, January 15, 2016

5 Must-Have Sneakers of 2016

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It's 2016 and that means we get a fresh start! New year, new you, right?! 

What's more motivating to hit the gym than getting brand new sneakers? Sneakers have become a fashion staple in the last year. You see girls wearing it with their day to day outfit, rather than just to the gym- with these sneakers above you can too!  Wear it with your skinny jeans or wear it with your work out outfit.

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It Girl Trend Report: Fab&Fit

Working out and being fit is something that should be a priority for everyone.  Sure, we may feel lazy and unmotivated but sometimes a cute pair of running shoes or a cute workout gear can really boost your motivation to workout- we like to call this being “Fab&Fit”!  We personally like to get our motivation from our dearest friend and blogger, Lauryn Evarts’ blog, “The Skinny Confidential”.  (Meet her here!)

For this week’s It Girl Intern Trend Report, we asked our It Girl Interns to snap a picture of their favorite workout item!  

What are some of your favorite work out items?  Instagram and mention us! @thesororitysecrets

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet Lauryn Evarts

Girls, meet Lauryn. Lauryn, meet our girls.  Lauryn is the face, creator, and founder of The Skinny Confidential.  Girls from all over the country have been obsessed with Lauryn's lifestyle- health and fitness blog and she also happens to be our sorority sisters' brother's girlfriend! (small world, we know.)  The Sorority Secrets had a chance to sit and interview this So-Cal sunkissed beauty to find out a little bit beyond her blog.

Make sure to visit The Skinny Confidential for great healthy recipes and fun workout tips!

Thanks Lauryn! xo

1. What inspired you to start this blog, Lauryn?
The idea of The Skinny Confidential started while I was attending SDSU. 

The lunch options were hideous so I began modifying and substituting my meals. I would take the chicken off the street tacos from Rubio's & add it to a salad from another cafe. I started carrying fruits & veggies (I know, what a weirdo) in my handbag. 

Let's just say I was that girl taking the bread off my sub at Subway. After a year of doing this I wanted a platform to share my tips/tricks that I collected along the way! You can read my whole fitness & health journey here.

2. What's your go-to healthy snack?
Hands down: avocado! I'm obsessed. It's a clean, healthy snack that takes no time to make. Slice one open, add some sea salt, chili flakes, & a squeeze of lemon. Yum!

3. When you're not blogging, what do you like to do?
Being at home, spooning my chihuahua (also known as 'the most beautiful girl in the world'), drinking a glass of chilled champagne in bed, while probably my heaven on earth. 

But when I'm not relaxing, you can find me taking Pilates, hiking, juicing, cooking/baking, watching Real Housewives of Whatevs, teaching fitness, going out to dinner with friends, shopping (well, online shopping), hanging with my babe, creating, &/or taking pictures (<< I LOVE photography)!

4. You seem really busy with The Skinny Confidential, how do you find time to work out and stay healthy?
Honestly, it's difficult. The Skinny Confidential is my baby. Sometimes it's really hard to separate work from my relationships/friends/family. There have been countless Friday & Saturday nights where I've worked when everyone else is out partying. Even though The Skinny Conf is consuming, I love it. It's my absolute passion & nothing about it feels like work.

When it comes to working out, I multitask like crazy. If I'm teaching Pilates, I will do arms & abs with the clients. If I'm on the Elliptical, you'll def find me returning a million e-mails. When I'm working out I'm also constantly thinking of new ideas for the site. 

Multitasking is my middle name!

5. What beauty products can you not live without?
I die over Cetaphil. It's a super cheap cleanser that gets the job done. This kind of Great Lash mascara (ya know, the one in the hot pink tube?) is the best mascara ever. And I cannot live without Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker- it's totally nostalgic & gives me the perfect punch of red. 

6. What's your breakfast of champions?
A piece of Ezekiel (low sodium) toast with a swipe of coconut oil & a sprinkle of cinnamon. I also love Suja's 'Fuel' (fresh pressed juice).

7. What are your top workout songs?
You can find my four favorite workout playlists hereherehere, & here. The next playlist will be available on the blog next week! Stay tuned ; ).

8. What do you like to wear when you workout?
If everyone's wearing it, I hate it. I get bored seeing the same crap on everyone. I will wear vintage tees with black pants & bright Nike Frees. I also love Bia Brazil- she just gets a women's bod. Lorna Jane is another favorite! 

9. What can people expect on your blog?
They can expect a lifestyle. People ask me to categorize the blog...& it doesn't really fall into one specific category. The Skinny Confidential is all about balance. How to balance diet, exercise, relationships, style, lookin' like a sexy hottie, family, friends...& life! 

They also can find my YouTube channel! It's called The Style Kittens- it's where fashion meets skinny. I have teamed up with jewelry/style guru, Jacqueline Nicole Brown to bring my readers everything girly!

10. How do you feel about wearing makeup to the gym?
If it works for you, go for it! I'm certainly not lookin' like Kim K. when I'm headed to the gym. It's just not necessary to contour my cheeks when sweating! 

But to each its own. I like little chap stick & tinted moisturizer (obviously with SPF). When I'm outside, I ALWAYS wear a hat. Because no one likes wrinkles.

Whatever you feel like doing, do it! I mean, you never know who you'll run into right ; )?
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