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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Easy Super Bowl Recipe

Co Founder, Karen, is a Seahawks' fan so of course she cannot wait for the Super Bowl! Like her and probably many other fans, she will be hosting a Super Bowl party. No Super Bowl party is complete with out food, drinks, friends, and football. But, the most important would be the food! Whether you decide to order pizza, KFC, or grill some hotdogs and hamburgers, it is always good to have variety. One of our favorite items to make the most amazing dishes is a crock pot. Slow cookers can make the most amazing dishes from meatballs, to tasty dips, to rice and beans and much more. Target is one of the best places to get a variety of crock pots. To help you with a Super Bowl crock pot recipe, Boulder Organic, has shared with us a special recipe they've suggested that is the perfect dish. Check out all the details below and get excited for Sunday's Football Showdown!

Boulder Organic's Souper Easy Super Bowl Pulled Pork 

  • About 2 lbs of pork shoulder
  • 1 tub of Boulder! Organic Green Chile Corn Chowder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt (if desired)
Cooking Instructions
  • Place the pork shoulder, 1 tub of Boulder! Organic Green Chile Chowder, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt (optional) into your crockpot. Leave in the crock pot for 6-8 hours.
  • After 6-8 hours, pull the pork apart with a fork and eat as desired!
Suggestions on how to eat the pulled pork:
  • Place on a bun and eat as a sandwich
  • Use as a side with mashed potatoes and beans
You won't be disappointed with the tasty results!

Monday, January 20, 2014

TSS Co Founder's Interview: Karen

1. Where do you currently reside and what do you love most about it? "I live in sunny (just joking) Seattle and I love EVERYTHING about it. Seattle offers you everything from Starbucks to hipsters, to the mountains, water, city-life, and so much more. P.S. It doesn't rain as much as people claim…it honestly just sprinkles. No one uses their umbrella! Did I mention we have an amazing football team too? GO SEAHAWKS!"

2. Describe your closet. "Well, I have two closets because I am a shoe and clothes fanatic. My walk-in closets are filled with clothes that are all color coordinated and shoes for days. My style is so eclectic that you see everything from a leopard Forever 21 jumpsuit to sparkly Louboutin heels!"

3. What was your favorite part about being in a sorority? " I absolutely loved choreographing and performing dances for philanthropies. Our dance group (which included Co Founder, Sakura!) called ourselves The Thetawockeez--it was great!"

4. What did sorority life teach you that you applied in the real world? "Sorority life taught me to show people the greatest version of you. You want everyone, whether they are compatible with you or not, to fall in love with who you are. This is one of the biggest lessons that my sorority taught me that I have applied in every aspect of the real world".

5. What are 5 beauty products you can't live without? "Lipgloss (Victoria's Secret lipgloss will always be my fave but I have recently started using Smashbox Lipgloss and it is equally amazing), Bare Minerals Foundation powder, Lilly Lashes, MAC Comfort Creme, and my favorite sets of perfumes that I rotate (Angel by Thierry Muglier, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, Bright by Versace and La Vie Est Belle by Lancome)".

6. What do you love most about working on TSS? "I love seeing the reaction our readers have to our content. It is so inspiring to watch and hear how much our content improves lives!" 

7. What is the best advice you were ever given? "Be careful how you treat people on your way up because you might meet them on your way down". Those are famous words from my mother and they couldn't be more true. Often times in life, people gain a level of success where they forget where they came from or how they got there and choose to mistreat those who were on their journey. Lack of humility and self-entittlement can really hinder your reputation with people who have known you so it's so important to remain humble and avoid burning bridges. After all, you never know, you might see these same people again and the tables could turn where you will need their help".

8. Who's your celebrity style crush? "My STYLIST crush ( I say Stylist crush because we all know celebrities do NOT dress themselves) is Monica Rose. She styles women like the Kardashians and Guiliana Rancic to name a few and I absolutely love every look she puts together. I would love to raid her closet!"

9. What are your top 3 stores you like to shop at? "This is a toughy but I would have to go with TOPSHOP, ZARA, and FOREVER 21. If I can sneak one more in I would say my favorite online store is ASOS".

10. What do you like to do on your day off? No days off here folks! Haha, just joking…sort of. On my day off I like to have friends over where we enjoy a glass of champagne and catch up on reality TV!

11. What else do you do for work? When I am not blogging, I am working full time in medical sales. I love working for a company that is essentially saving and improving lives!

12. What are your interests/passions? I absolutely LOVE party planning. It is my true passion and I really look up to party planners like Colin Cowie and Mindy Weiss. My specialty is candy buffets which I do here and there for my friends and people who reach out to me. I started documenting my parties and party advice here.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We Love Athleta

On Ali: Pants, Hoodie.  On Karen: Pants, Top.  All clothing c/o Athleta.

We don't know about you, but having cute new workout gear always motivates us to stay active.  We get super excited to hit the gym, pavement, or yoga studio when we have a fabulous outfit to rock while working up a sweat!  That being said, we were happy when we came across Athleta's stores in our area (yes, there's one by both our Scottsdale office & our Seattle office!) and we tried on their great workout gear!  

On the top of our list?  Athleta's pant selection.  Not only are their pants comfy, but they have lots of style too.  Check out Ali's paisley print pants... we are obsessed!  We fell in love with their pants in fun patterns; they were also very flattering when we tried them on.  Fun, flattering, and functional!  Athleta's product is designed in-house for female athletes, by female athletes-- and it shows.

To complete the outfit, we also love Athleta's variety of tops and hoodies.  Ali's grey Batwing hoodie even has thumb holes... too cute!  Karen's vibrant purple space dye top pulls the whole outfit together with a pop of color, and fits her to perfection.  We love the space dye look for athletic gear!

To check out an Athleta store near you, click here.  Not only do they have stores in Seattle & Scottsdale, but they have locations all across the country... including Newport Beach, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica for our California girls!  Athleta is actually opening 60 stores by the end of 2013, across the US!  Of course, you can can shop 24/7 online too.  Thank you to our friends at Athleta for helping us put together this post-- we love our new workout gear!  Namaste.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bright PINK Power Hour Highlights

Last week, Co-Founder Karen and TSS It Girl/ Zeta Tau Alpha, Victoria, had the pleasure of attending Westfield Southcenter Mall's Bright Pink Power Hour Fashion Show in Seattle. In case you didn't know, Bright Pink is the only national nonprofit dedicated to the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. We just couldn't miss out in participating in such an awesome event as 100% of the tickets sold went toward the nonprofit. Besides the cool raffle prizes {Karen won the Gene Juarez spa package!} and awesome vendors like The Confectional, SeattleMagazine, Luna, Styled Seattle, Go Girl, and so much more, we were especially intrigued by the fall fashion show! There are many looks to choose from this fall from affordable stores, all of which hit the runway that night. We had some personal favorites and below were the different fall fashion categories introduced on the runway:

Get the look with layers of silver and gold with studded, sparkly details

Get the look with faux fur, fitted leather pants and edgy prints

Get the look with soft sweaters and warm, cozy jackets

Get the look with ladylike silhouettes and dainty accessories

Get the look with rich fabrics and layers of lace, prints, and patterns

Get the look with ultra fitted dresses, statement accessories, and chic outerwear

Overall, the event was amazing and we loved supporting Bright Pink. Be sure to check out their non profit and offer a donation. 
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